New Members

Full Name Company Branch Joined Date
Mr. Jose Romero Yuma County DPW 11/22/2021
Chad Jackson Kitchell 11/18/2021
Ms. Alexandra Tilley City of Scottsdale 11/17/2021
Mr. Robert Dalton City of Scottsdale 11/17/2021
Mrs. Lacey Chon City of Buckeye 11/16/2021
Mrs. Jennifer Russo City of Buckeye 11/16/2021
Mr. Sean Coniglio City of Peoria 11/3/2021
Mr. Louie Ceballos City of Peoria 11/3/2021
Mr. Keith Cross City of Peoria 11/3/2021
Tony Ayala 11/2/2021
Mr. Stephen Hargus Alpha Geotechnical & Materials 10/29/2021
Mr. Keith Williams City of Peoria 10/27/2021
Mr. Juan Arreola City of Peoria 10/27/2021
Craig Roberts 10/25/2021
Mr. Brandon McTague City of Avondale 10/14/2021
Mr. Simon Edwards Maricopa COunty Department of Transportation 10/14/2021
Ms. Elisabeth Kahn City of Avondale 10/14/2021
Ms. Jennifer Davidson City of Avondale 10/14/2021
Mr. Harold Siquenza City of Avondale 10/14/2021
Farzana Yasmin Maricopa County 10/13/2021
Mr. Richard Hancharik Maricopa County 10/13/2021
Ms. Corinne Colon Maricopa County 10/13/2021
Mr. Armando Gandarilla City of Peoria 10/7/2021
Mr. Wayne Savage Ciyt of Peoria 10/7/2021
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