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Chapter Members
Full Name Company Branch Joined Date
Mr. Joseph A. Pence City of Scottsdale 11/28/2018
Mr. Michael E. Hunzinger Stanley Consultants 11/14/1995
Mr. David A. Moody Maricopa Association of Governments 5/1/1974
Mr. Dick D. Yano, PE Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc 6/19/2007
Ms. Angela Dixon-Maher City of Sierra Vista Southern 5/5/1999
Mr. Jose R. Tarango City of Tempe 7/17/2018
Mr. Bobby Garza Arizona Public Service Co 2/1/2000
Mr. Farhad Moghimi, PE Regional Transportation Authority Southern 3/30/2000
Mr. Vic DeGrande Kiewit 1/29/2019
Mr. Brent L. Henderson, PE Henderson Engineering Group LLC 7/8/2008
Mr. Van A. Thomas Superior Supply 6/20/1985
Mr. Glenn A. Compton 8/15/1985
Mr. Michael R. Chase Stanley Consultants 2/25/1986
Mr. Grant I. Anderson, PE Willdan Engineering 8/5/1988
Mr. Mark Courtney, PE Brown and Caldwell 11/1/1984
Mr. Kent M. Dibble Dibble Engineering 9/1/1980
Mr. Gregg Duckett City of Phoenix 10/26/2000
Mr. Skip Harris Maricopa County 12/23/2016
Mr. Dave Meinhart City of Scottsdale 12/6/2019
Ms. Carla Blackwell Pima County 7/21/2017
Mr. Morris Reyna Town of Marana Southern 1/12/2012
Mr. Robert Minichbauer Arnold Machinery 12/11/2018
Ms. Janet Ramsay City of Peoria 2/12/2004
Mr. David M. Nieto, Jr City of Phoenix 7/7/2003
Mr. Robin R. Kidder City of Mesa 7/7/2011
Mr. Tony Delsol Maricopa County 12/23/2016
Mr. Jeff C. Ford Olsson Inc 5/22/2019
Ms. Yvette LeDesma Kiewit Western Co. 4/18/2013
Mr. Giao Pham Town of Gilbert 1/9/2020
Mr. Jackson Jenkins Pima County Southern 7/6/2004
Mr. Albert S. Garcia City of Surprise 5/26/2016
Mr. Daniel Miller PCL Construction Inc 8/21/2019
Mr. Daniel J. Worth City of Scottsdale 12/29/2004
Mr. Thomas James Glow Town of Queen Creek 1/31/2005
Mr. Raimundo Dovalina, Jr, PE City of Phoenix 1/11/2012
Ms. Lori A. Greco City of Mesa 12/24/2013
Mr. Jim Higginbotham Pinal County 11/27/2005
Mr. Roger Miles, PE Premier Engineering Corp 8/12/2015
Mr. Jason W. Phipps Yuma County DPW 6/20/2006
Ms. Michelle Woytenko City of Glendale 7/10/2019
Mr. Donnie Gauthier City of Peoria 8/28/2007
Mr. Charles Williams, CPII Pinal County 6/5/2020
Mr. Shane Nicholas Kiesow City of Apache Junction 12/30/2014
Mr. Robert Erdman, PE Cutler Repaving Inc 1/24/2007
Mr. Duane S. Eitel, PE City of Casa Grande 2/1/2007
Ms. Irene Zuniga City of Sierra Vista 8/13/2014
Ms. Nuning Lemka City of Surprise 8/25/2011
Mr. Michael D. Quinn Arrington Watkins Architects 3/29/2007
Mr. Chris Lawson City of Casa Grande 8/15/2016
Mr. Suneel Garg, BE Civil City of Avondale 11/7/2019
Mr. Daniel W. Cook, PE City of Chandler 7/12/1993
Mr. Rodney R. Ramos 12/27/1995
Mr. Scott Zipprich City of Buckeye 7/28/2014
Mrs. Dawn D. Cartier CivTech Inc 10/19/2009
Mr. John Morgan Town of Gilbert 11/15/2016
Mr. Randall D. Beck AECOM 9/22/1997
Ms. Kimberly J. Moon, PE City of Chandler Northern 4/10/1998
Mr. Chester A. Teaford Gannett Fleming 9/15/2015
Dr. Elliot Silverston AECOM 9/18/1998
Mr. Stephen J. Smith IMS 2/16/1999
Mr. John C. Muehlenberg, PE 12/1/1978
Ms. Patrice Marie Miller RHA LLC 1/27/2000
Mr. James E. Weaver, PE Alpha Geotechnical & Materials 11/30/1999
Mr. Richard J. Perry Dibble Engineering 11/1/1980
Mr. Woodrow C. Scoutten, PE EPS Group Inc 2/1/1982
Mr. Jeffrey A. Webber, (retired) E&M Applied Concepts Inc Southern 12/1/1970
Mr. Gerald R. Copeland, LS Gerald R Copeland PE, RLS 3/1/1981
Mr. Al T. Dreska, PE Retired 4/8/1987
Ms. Susanna R. Struble, PE Town of Gilbert 11/15/2016
Ms. Myrlene M. Francis Tierra Right of Way Services 4/6/2016
Mr. Carmine DeBonis, Jr Pima County Southern 9/18/2001
Ms. Sharon Flissar City of Sierra Vista Southern 2/7/2002
Mr. Gordon M. Bowers Dava & Associates 4/2/2002
Mr. Charles P. Arthur 1/1/1968
Mr. Jeremy Abbott City of Avondale 11/7/2019
Mr. John E. Hays Santa Cruz County Southern 2/25/2008
Mr. James D. Lemon, PE Integra Consulting Inc. 5/12/2003
Mr. Scott Bender, CFM, PE Pinal County 6/23/2003
Mr. Kyle Tilghman Salt River Project 8/20/2003
Mr. Kevin T. Thornton PSOMAS Southern 12/24/2003
Mr. Jerry M. Fay, PE Southern 11/1/1975
Mr. Jeff M. Low City of Prescott 1/22/2015
Mr. David Kohlbeck, CPA City of Surprise 7/27/2005
Mr. Mark Weber, PE City of Tempe 6/14/2004
Mr. Craig Dotseth City of Prescott 3/11/2005
Mrs. Christy M. Sipos CIVILTEC Engineering Inc 2/2/2016
Ms. Jennifer Adams, LCSW City of Tempe 1/6/2006
Mr. Ronnie Gandara Arizona Public Service Co 2/14/2006
Mr. Stephen Ganstrom City of Mesa 2/2/2015
Mr. Scott William Lowe, CEM, PE, PWLF City of Buckeye 2/26/2007
Mr. Christopher A. Williams City of Buckeye 2/26/2007
Mr. H. Paul Young, PE City of Chandler 5/22/2007
Mr. Curtis C. Yardley Town of Gilbert 1/27/2015
Mr. Michael R. Bryce, PE, RLS Graham County 10/9/2019
Mr. Richard A. Costa City of Peoria 9/14/2010
Ms. Denise Brewer Maricopa County 7/10/2018
Mr. Jorge Gastelum City of El Mirage 10/2/2007
Ms. Christie Hall Achen-Gardner Construction LLC 5/14/2008
Ms. Stephanie Weadock AZUCA 1/12/2011
Ms. Amanda McGennis Associated General Contractors 6/20/2011
Mr. Felipe Moreno City of Phoenix 9/11/2008
Mr. Samuel Palacios City of Somerton Southern 9/8/2008
Mr. Gregory B. Smith, PE PS G Smith Consulting 12/15/2008
Mr. Chris Hamilton City of Goodyear 12/30/2008
Mr. Daniel A. Dragonetti, QC Speedie & Associates, Inc. 11/17/2009
Mr. Lance Henrie City of Safford Northern 3/26/2009
Ms. Suzanne M. Ledy City of Mesa 9/26/2018
Ms. Noel Motsinger PaleoWest Archaeology 7/6/2009
Mr. Laurence Halberstadt City of Yuma 7/16/2009
Mr. Scott Kirchhofer Achen-Gardner Construction LLC 9/25/2009
Mr. Richard D. Austin, Jr City of Show Low 12/8/2015
Mr. Peter Okopny Dibble Engineering 8/11/2015
Mr. Shahir A. Safi City of Mesa 2/12/2010
Mr. Dave P. Lipinski, PE City of Scottsdale 2/16/2010
Mr. Richard G. Poynor Lyon Engineering 5/14/2010
Mr. Joe E. Guerin City of Phoenix 9/19/2011
Mr. Michael J. Boule City of Surprise 7/1/2010
Mr. Christopher R. Kmetty Markham Contracting Co Inc 10/17/2012
Mrs. Eliana K. Hayes City of Scottsdale Southwest 2/10/2015
Mr. Michael Gent City of Surprise 3/11/2011
Mr. Troy L. White Town of Queen Creek 6/7/2011
Mrs. Liz Denning City of Chandler 6/29/2011
Ms. London P. Lacy City of Surprise 6/20/2013
Ms. Rebecca Mayher Federal Highway Administration-LTAP 7/18/2011
Mr. Thomas C. Wyatt City of Phoenix 9/19/2011
Mr. David S. Fabiano, PE Town of Gilbert 2/5/1998
Mr. Al Field Al Field and Associates LLC 1/2/2007
Mr. Joseph L. Schroeder City of Mesa 9/22/1994
Mr. J. Steward Waller, LEED AP Rinker Materials 6/21/2010
Ms. Renee L. Hoekstra, CVS RHA, LLC 3/27/1996
Mr. Kelly R. Jensen 2/6/2017
Mr. John Osgood, Jr Navajo County Public Works 4/29/2019
Mr. Allan J. Smolko City of Phoenix 8/1/1981
Ms. Jeanne L. Sapon DBA Construction Inc 2/11/2009
Ms. Elizabeth Huning City of Mesa 7/11/2000
Mr. J. R. Pooler Pooled Resources 8/1/1980
Mr. Benny J. Young, PE, RLS 10/1/1983
Mr. Mark W. Woodson Woodson Engineering 12/27/1994
Mr. Robert J. Morast, PE 4/1/1985
Mr. John A. Trujillo Southern 10/8/2002
Mr. John C. Tuter Wood Environment & Infrasture Solutions, Inc. 8/9/2001
Mr. Bryan Darling Crafco Inc 10/12/2001
Mr. Nicolaas Swart Maricopa County 1/3/2002
Mr. Byron Browning, CPFP Coconino County 12/10/2003
Ms. Ursula Nelson Pima County Southern 6/14/2010
Mr. Pedro Apodaca City of Casa Grande 7/23/2002
Mr. Christopher J. Simko, PE Stantec Consulting 5/29/2003
Mr. Alf Wold Alpha Geotechnical & Materials 3/9/2011
Ms. Rebecca M. Timmer Wilson & Co 7/28/2003
Mr. James Warren White City of Chandler 7/24/2003
Mr. John F. Knudson City of Chandler 7/24/2003
Mr. Eric Laurin, PE Coe & Van Loo Consultants, Inc. 7/21/2010
Mr. Daniel Allan Bradley, Jr Safe Site Utility Services, LLC 5/17/2011
Mr. Dan Nissen, PE City of Peoria 8/12/1997
Mr. Joel Olea City of Yuma Southern 8/9/2000
Mr. Paul Winter Southwest Gas Corporation 10/30/2015
Mr. N. Thomas Kelly Crafco Inc 10/24/1997
Mr. Tim N. Story Safe Site Utility Services LLC 5/10/2011
Mr. Thomas W. Wilhite, PE City of Tempe 7/22/1998
Mr. Maher M. Hazine, PE, PWLF Town of Clarkdale 3/4/2002
Mr. Jose G. Anaya City of Yuma Southern 8/9/2000
Mr. James M. Reynolds Southern 10/1/1974
Mr. Joseph Pluta AECOM 5/1/1992
Mr. Robert D. Bugher American Public Works Association 1/1/1948
Mr. Michael P. Hendrix, PE Mohave County 12/8/1993
Ms. Shirley A. Barker FCI Constructors 2/2/2015
Mr. Alex McLaren MCENG PLLC 4/8/1987
Mr. Kevin P. Murphy, PE Northern 6/12/1990
Mr. Ed Murrell City of Scottsdale 2/6/2020
Ms. Lexie Rosenfield City of Chandler 10/2/2001
Mr. David P. Gue, PE City of Scottsdale 1/8/2002
Mr. Dan W. Meyer Black & Veatch 9/26/2002
Mr. Chris A. D'Arcangelis Stanley Consultants 2/5/2003
Mr. Michael R. Jones City of Peoria 7/1/2004
Mr. Steve Sanders Gila County Public Works 6/19/2015
Mrs. Marina H. Smith City of Phoenix 6/11/2003
Mr. Travis S. Bix T2 UES Inc D/b/a T2 Utility Engineers 8/25/2003
Mr. William D. Roberts GHD Inc 4/12/2004
Mr. Gregory Dean Potter Sunrise Engineering Inc 9/25/2015
Mr. Steven E. Rex Dibble Engineering 7/12/2004
Mr. Bruce Kay, PE Ninyo & Moore 11/22/2004
Mr. Mark Lee Project Engineering Consultants Ltd 4/1/2015
Mr. Steven A. Jimenez, PE Stanley Consultants Inc 2/15/2005
Mr. William Linck Entellus 4/5/2005
Mr. Luis M. Mota Infenix, LLC 8/31/2015
Mrs. Sandy L. Niebel Wood Patel & Associates 2/13/2012
Mr. Dan Spitza Achen-Gardner Construction LLC 3/29/2005
Mr. Richard H. Shroads, PE Civiltec Engineering, Inc. 4/18/2005
Ms. Noelle E. Sanders Del Sol Group 4/9/2007
Mrs. Sheila C. Smith Arrington Watkins Architects 5/31/2017
Mr. Chintan S. Jhaveri, PE TRACE Consulting 6/16/2014
Mr. Mark A. Glock City of Phoenix 6/1/2006
Mr. Steven P. Latoski, PE, PTOE Mohave County 6/27/2006
Mr. Greg Froslie, PE Lake Havasu City 1/11/2008
Mrs. Ginger Spencer City of Phoenix 10/23/2006
Mr. Walt Brodzinski City of Scottsdale 12/6/2019
Mr. Eric Quimby City of Sierra Vista Southern 3/5/2007
Mr. Andy Dickey City of Sedona 3/18/2009
Ms. Loretta Flick Cardno 5/16/2007
Ms. Cindy Blackmore City of Avondale 6/3/2009
Mr. Yves Khawam, PhD Pima County 7/31/2018
Mr. Denis Howe Project Engineering Consultants Ltd 3/15/2019
Mr. Miguel A. Aceves, PE AECOM Technology Corporation 4/17/2004
Mr. Mike McKinney PCL Construction Inc 8/9/2004
Mr. Elijah Williams EPS Group Inc 10/25/2004
Ms. Cheryl Jones Crafco Inc 12/9/2004
Mr. Wayne Colebank Logan Simpson Design 1/19/2005
Ms. Claudia Gantert Southwest Gas Corporation 11/14/2005
Mr. Mack Dickerson Tierra Right of Way Services Southern 5/31/2005
Ms. Adina Lund, PE City of Peoria 9/14/2010
Mr. Michael J. Coffey City of Tucson Southern 9/29/2005
Mr. Frank Marbury, PE Town of Chino Valley 11/13/2017
Ms. Kelly L. Roy Maricopa County 7/2/2019
Mr. Stephen A. Orosz, PE Orosz Engineering Group Inc 11/1/1993
Ms. Wendy Springborn, MBA, PWE, PWLF City of Tempe 7/18/2006
Ms. Brenda Foote City of Sierra Vista Southern 3/5/2007
Mr. Toby Crooks Town of Gilbert 11/15/2016
Mr. Thomas O. Braatelien Project Engineering Consultants Ltd 10/19/2006
Mr. Zac L. Thomason IMS Infrastructure Management Serv 7/18/2013
Mr. Luigi J. Leone Gannett Fleming 12/6/2018
Mr. Bob D. Gofonia Wood Patel & Associates, Inc. 12/14/2012
Mr. Michael G. Krebs, MBA, PE PACE 7/6/2007
Mr. Ben Wilson, PE City of Peoria 9/14/2010
Mr. James Guidotti Coconino County 11/6/2018
Mr. Luis G. Aguilar City of Buckeye 2/7/2012
Mr. Jason Harrington, ASLA, RLA HP+D 7/21/2008
Mr. Dale E. Miller, LS, PE Rick Engineering Company 1/25/2008
Mrs. Celeste Garza Pinal County 7/11/2008
Ms. Dana L. Owsiany, PE City of Surprise 10/30/2013
Mr. Jeremy P. Dye, CPWP-M Yavapai County Northern 12/30/2008
Mr. Paul Ahlas, CPII City of Chandler 6/24/2019
Mr. Dave A. Dirren Sunrise Engineering 7/10/2017
Ms. Kristin M. Tytler, PE City of Surprise 9/9/2009
Mr. Daniel Broderick Achen-Gardner Construction LLC 9/30/2009
Mr. Paul Mood Town of Paradise Valley 2/1/2019
Mr. Fred Renn, PE Coe & Van Loo Consltants Inc 5/13/2014
Mr. Ralph Noriega City of Scottsdale 12/4/2013
Mrs. Ramona G. Simpson Town of Queen Creek 7/8/2015
Mr. Ken Kawamoto Achen-Gardner Construction LLC 3/13/2019
Mr. Rick Solis 4/28/2020
Mr. Kenneth Halloran, PE City of Tempe 6/29/2017
Ms. Carrie C. Cote, PE EEC 11/8/2010
Mr. Marc Ahlstrom, P Eng, PE City of Mesa 12/30/2010
Mr. Jesse R. Duarte City of Phoenix 2/1/2012
Ms. Julie Christoph City of Mesa 11/29/2011
Ms. Sandi J. Garrick Pima County Southern 7/3/2013
Mr. Rubben Lolly City of Phoenix 9/25/2019
Mr. Terry L. Cooper Town of Snowflake 9/30/2011
Mr. Sergio Montano City of Scottsdale 12/19/2011
Mr. David Rodriguez Town of Queen Creek 11/6/2018
Ms. Lucinda Andreani Coconino County Public Works 11/29/2011
Mr. Christopher Albright KE&G Construction, Inc. Southern 8/22/2008
Mr. Geoffrey S. Child Sunrise Engineering Inc Southern 9/2/2008
Mr. Carlos Sanchez-Soria TY Lin International 8/28/2019
Mr. Paul D. Cook Maricopa County 12/8/2011
Ms. Donna J. Sullivan-Hancock, PE City of Tempe 1/29/2009
Mr. Ron W. Hilgart HilgartWilson LLC 12/15/2008
Mr. James E. Attebery 1/1/1961
Mr. Paul W. Hoskin Hoskin Ryan Consultants 4/27/2009
Mr. Kenneth H. Cole AECOM 8/5/2009
Mr. James Schleich, PE Huitt-Zollars, Inc. 12/30/2009
Mr. Robert L. Winiecke, PE CFM City of Cottonwood 3/1/2010
Mr. Mike A. Wever City of Apache Junction 11/22/2017
Ms. Rhonda Humbles City of Peoria 6/15/2010
Mr. Dave Goos Aztec Engineering, Inc. 2/23/2017
Mr. Fred Narcaroti Ninyo and Moore Southern 9/14/2011
Mr. Eric Zite Ninyo & Moore 5/29/2013
Mr. Ed Joe Tapia, retired City of Kingman 9/6/2018
Ms. Briiana Velez City of Phoenix 9/25/2019
Ms. Kelly Kaysonepheth Aztec Engineering, Inc. 9/27/2010
Mr. Brad E. Richards, PE Town of Gilbert 5/11/2011
Mr. Jason Mahkovtz Maricopa County 12/6/2019
Mr. Javier Setovich City of Goodyear 12/22/2015
Ms. Shelly Seyller City of Tempe 8/26/2011
Mr. Don E. Russell City of Phoenix 9/19/2011
Mr. Tom Simmons La Paz County 5/14/2012
Mr. Edwin J. Muccillo Burgess & Niple 8/14/2007
Mr. Chuck Reynolds Terrscon 10/4/2007
Mr. Joseph P. Giudice City of Phoenix 10/23/2017
Mr. Zach S. Stevenson Southwest Gas Corporation 10/17/2017
Mr. Alfred Q. Erives, PE Maricopa County 5/15/2013
Ms. Nancy Cole Pima County Southern 6/23/2008
Mr. Eric V. Bay, PE City of Prescott 5/18/2015
Mr. Edward A. Striffler, AIA City of Peoria 8/4/2011
Mr. Eric Wieduwilt, PE Pima County Southern 8/7/2008
Mr. Ricky M. Holston Sunrise Engineering Inc 9/2/2008
Mr. Emile C. Schmid, PE City of Apache Junction 1/6/2015
Mr. Steven T. Lorenzo Ninyo & Moore 1/12/2009
Mr. Guillermo Cortes Shephard-Wesnitzer 2/3/2009
Mr. Ashley Couch 4/2/2009
Mr. Ron J. Long Town of Camp Verde 4/6/2009
Mr. Greg Vega, PE Dibble Engineering Southern 7/9/2009
Ms. Amy C. Murray, CSM, CPWP-M City of Buckeye 4/7/2017
Mr. Jeremy Haskins Building Products Company 7/26/2010
Mr. Matt Armijo City of Showlow 2/8/2012
Mr. Scott A. Lyon Lyon Engineering 5/14/2010
Mr. Chris Kabala City of Tempe 8/4/2017
Mr. Brian K. Biesemeyer City of Scottsdale 6/28/2010
Mr. Les Miller City of Avondale 12/30/2015
Mrs. Heather Saunders City of Goodyear 8/9/2016
Mr. Alberto González, PE, VMA Entellus 4/7/2016
Mr. Ryan Hall City of Show Low 2/8/2012
Mr. Kevin W. Roberts, PE Dibble Engineering 7/25/2011
Mr. Kevin Lair City of Chandler South Plains 11/20/1989
Ms. Jaimee Robinson Gannett Fleming 9/15/2017
Mr. Kevin D. Horton, CFM, PE Lyon Engineering 12/20/2011
Mr. John Barwicki City of Show Low 2/8/2012
Ms. Angel Cobb City of Phoenix 3/12/2018
Mr. Arturo Ledesma HDR Inc Southern 4/13/2012
Mr. Tim Ginter DBA Construction Inc 5/18/2012
Mr. Fausto Burruel, MPA PE Town of Marana 7/31/2019
Mr. Tony D. Garcia Town of Queen Creek 6/25/2015
Mr. Thomas Struve City of Avondale 12/6/2012
Mr. Steven Sandoval City of Peoria 8/1/2016
Mr. Jack Situ City of Peoria 8/1/2016
Mr. Jim Tourek IMS Infrastructure Management Services 12/17/2012
Ms. Marilyn Derosa City of Tempe 12/6/2012
Mr. Robert I. Yabes City of Tempe 8/4/2017
Mr. John D. Freuden City of Peoria 6/28/2013
Mr. Aaron Redd City of Peoria 6/28/2013
Ms. April S. Victorino Stantec Consulting Services Inc 11/21/2013
Mrs. Jessica Marlow, PE Town of Gilbert 11/15/2016
Mr. Armando J. Lopez City of Surprise 9/9/2019
Mr. Kevin S. Perko, PE Rick Engineering Company 3/15/2019
Mr. Shayne M. Lopez, CPII City of Scottsdale 12/7/2017
Mr. Francisco Vasquez Yuma County DPW 3/20/2020
Mr. Daniel J. Peters ATC Group Services LLC 1/17/2012
Mr. Cort Carpenter City of Show Low 2/8/2012
Mr. Chris C. Woolery, PE Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. 9/26/2012
Mrs. Donna Rust La Paz County 5/14/2012
Mr. Damian Glaze, LEED AP Kitchell 6/26/2012
Ms. Barbara Chappell City of Goodyear 12/6/2012
Mrs. Kristin Peck HILGARTWILSON, LLC 8/8/2013
Mr. Jim McCarty, CobbFendley Cobb Fendley 5/31/2018
Mr. Daniel Kiel, PE City of Peoria 6/19/2013
Mr. Burley Hambrick City of Kingman 8/29/2017
Ms. Trace Baker Logan Simpson 2/3/2015
Mr. Nate Gardner, RLS Wilson and Company 12/11/2017
Mr. Jeffrey S. Rodgers, PE RG Ninyo & Moore Southeast 9/14/2018
Mrs. Denise J. Lacey Maricopa County Transportation 12/2/2015
Mrs. Veronica Torres Hubbard Town of Queen Creek 3/5/2014
Mr. Bryce Christo City of El Mirage 4/22/2014
Ms. Shellie L. Stone City of Surprise 5/6/2014
Mr. Vidal Ochoa City of Somerton 8/22/2017
Mr. Chris C. Cawein Pima County 6/16/2014
Mr. Roy Finch City of Peoria 7/14/2014
Mr. Joshua Scott Yuma County DPW 7/31/2014
Mr. Terrence S. McKeon City of Casa Grande 8/26/2014
Ms. Heather L. Hodgman City of Apache Junction 1/6/2015
Mrs. Dana Trompke Fountain Hills Sanitary District 1/12/2015
Mr. George G. Henderson City of Prescott 1/22/2015
Mr. Shane Michael Hemesath City of Show Low 2/29/2012
Mrs. Denise Barnes La Paz County 5/14/2012
Mr. Justin Holbrook Holbrook Asphalt 8/5/2014
Mr. Ed Anderson KE&G Construction 7/2/2018
Ms. Felissa Washington-Smith City of Phoenix 10/15/2019
Ms. Kristina Locke Coe & Van Loo Consultants 5/6/2020
Mr. Steven J. Max City of Phoenix 12/17/2012
Mr. Jeffrey M. Engelmann, ASLA J2 Engring & Environmental Design 6/10/2013
Ms. Cindy M. Laughlin EPS Group Inc 5/9/2017
Mr. Jaime R. Rivera Pima County Southern 1/19/2018
Mrs. Kimberly Carroll, PE, PTOE Kimley-Horn and Associates Inc 1/16/2019
Mr. Rob Owen City of Kingman 6/3/2014
Mr. Roy A. Herrington City of Scottsdale 12/4/2013
Mr. Nick Russo, MA City of El Mirage 7/28/2016
Ms. Barbara Ritter Maricopa County 6/11/2014
Mr. Robert J. Trzepkowski Salt River Project 5/9/2014
Mr. Jesus Valenzuela Yuma County DPW 3/30/2020
Ms. Gina A. Ishida-Raybourn City of Chandler 6/11/2014
Ms. Carol Brichta Pima County DOT 2/7/2018
Mr. Chris J. Graff AP&S 7/7/2014
Mr. Robert Troy Linton, MPA City of Buckeye 7/23/2014
Ms. Houston Andreades City of Chandler 7/28/2014
Mr. Stephen M. Craver, PE City of Sedona 5/21/2015
Mr. Jeff Wileman City of Bullhead City 1/15/2019
Mr. Rogelio Flores, II, PE, MPA PMO 11/5/2014
Mr. Don Braska La Paz County 5/14/2012
Mr. Steve Bacs Willdan Engineering 3/2/2017
Mr. David Hausaman City of Cottonwood 1/24/2013
Mr. Jose Valenzuela City of Phoenix 2/13/2013
Mr. Stephen M. Scinto City of Goodyear 2/15/2013
Mr. Mohamed Youssef, PE, PTOE Town of Queen Creek 2/21/2018
Mr. Jeff Holzmeister J2 Engring & Environmental Design 6/10/2013
Mr. Brian Lee Price Crafco Inc 12/3/2013
Ms. Sanja Grujakovic City of Mesa 8/22/2013
Mr. Roy Drye Coconino County 12/15/2016
Mr. Michael R. Bauer City of Phoenix 9/18/2013
Ms. Jennifer A. Toth, PE Maricopa County 12/19/2014
Mr. Andrew D. Brown EPCOR Water 5/3/1990
Mr. Robert L. Wagner 5/25/1990
Mr. Robert K. Haneline, PE Dibble Engineering 8/22/2017
Ms. Lacey James City of Avondale 5/22/2014
Mr. John McFarland City of Surprise 7/17/2014
Mr. Thomas G. Schmitt T & S Diversified Inc 6/7/1990
Mr. Kini L.E. Knudson, PE City of Phoenix 7/29/2014
Mr. Martin Agundez City of Yuma 7/31/2014
Ms. Brandie Ishcomer Barrett City of Phoenix 9/22/2014
Mr. Byron R. Carr City of Phoenix 9/22/2014
Mr. Cory Steele, PE Strand Associates Inc 1/12/2015
Mr. Keith Graves City of Apache Junction 1/6/2015
Mr. Brian L. Gleave City of Apache Junction 1/6/2015
Mr. Thomas Gregory, CPII Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
Mr. Brian Froelich Achen-Gardner Construction LLC 3/23/2016
Mr. Jack Moody, PE CFM Westwood Professional Services 12/12/2014
Mr. Roy Barkman IMS Infrastructure Mgmt Services 12/16/2014
Mr. Jack Gierak, CCM Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
Mr. Tim R. Sherwood City of Prescott 1/22/2015
Mr. Ryan Blair Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
Mr. Tom Condit Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
Mr. Tony J. Woodrum City of Avondale 2/17/2015
Mr. Faisal Saleem Maricopa County Transportation 12/2/2015
Mr. Christopher C. Ewell City of Phoenix 10/26/2017
Mr. Maolin Zheng City of Surprise 3/9/2016
Mr. Louie Steve Rivera Yuma County DPW 6/16/2015
Ms. Debbie Gomez Town of Queen Creek 6/25/2015
Ms. Charlene Montgomery Town of Queen Creek 6/29/2015
Mr. Steven M. Riley City of Buckeye 7/22/2015
Mr. Mike Samer City of Mesa 8/19/2015
Mr. David A. Siebert Carollo Engineers 9/2/2015
Mr. Ryan Nichols City of Mesa 1/23/2017
Mr. Rick Saucedo City Of Tolleson 1/21/2020
Mr. John W. Hatler Maricopa County 11/28/2017
Gustavo Garcia City of Surprise 2/14/2020
Mr. Andrew Smith Pinal County 5/9/2016
Ms. Roxanne Holland City of Sedona 3/4/2016
Mr. Robert Thomas Euler Tierra Right of Way Services 4/6/2016
Mr. Mark J. Guatney, PE CHMM Ninyo & Moore 7/21/2016
Mr. David Lee, CPII City of Buckeye 6/4/2014
Ms. Ana M. Olivares Pima County 6/16/2014
Mr. Allan Zimmerman City of Chandler 8/6/2014
Mr. Hafiz Noor City of Chandler 8/7/2014
Mr. Ralph S. Tijerina City of Buckeye 8/29/2014
Mr. Filiberto Chavira, Sr, CPWP-S City of Buckeye 8/29/2014
Mr. Aric M. Stewart, CFM, PE City of Prescott 1/22/2019
Mr. Martin Lucero City of Surprise 10/9/2014
Mr. Eric Figueroa Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
Mr. Jeremiah Williams, CPII Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
Mr. Robert Hollander City of Peoria 1/29/2015
Mr. Brian A. Gallimore WSP Inc 2/18/2015
Mr. Brandon A. Gallimore Metro Engineering and Survey LLC 2/18/2015
Mr. Brantley L. Gallimore Metro Traffic Control LLC 2/18/2015
Mr. Jason Raya Crafco Inc 2/25/2015
Mr. Kim A. Tanner, PE Arcadis 1/10/2020
Mr. Mark Larremore City of Cottonwood 3/19/2015
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Sergio Figueroa, CPII Town of Gilbert 2/17/2015
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Mrs. Kimberly D. Dunn City of Casa Grande 9/9/2015
Mr. Gustavo Jones City Of Tolleson 1/21/2020
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Mrs. Andrea Castanon City of Sierra Vista 1/28/2016
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Ms. Alison Speller AECOM Technology Corporation 3/24/2016
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Mr. David Wilkins City of Mesa 1/23/2017
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Mark Ipson HILGARTWILSON, LLC 3/20/2018
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Mr. Santos Guerrero Yuma County DPW 6/7/2018
Mr. Nicholas Orta Yuma County DPW 6/7/2018
Mr. Chuck Fincher Yuma County DPW 6/7/2018
Mr. Raymond Parmigiani City of Mesa 9/11/2018
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Mr. Ricardo A. Pargas HDR Inc