APWA AZ Newsletter 2022 April

APWA AZ Newsletter 2022 April

Public works are the services and infrastructure required to sustain quality community life.

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April 20, 2022
APWA April Luncheon
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April 19-21, 2022
PWI Module One (Sold Out)
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April 30, 2022
Adopt a Street Clean-Up
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August 3-5, 2022
APWA Statewide Conference
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Reflections from AZAPWA's "Long Haulers"

Last month I talked about the value of PWI and its importance relative to training and preparing our future public works officials. This month when I reflect upon the many things APWA means to me (and there are many) the first to rise to the top is all the volunteers who keep the organization running efficiently and effectively. I am deeply touched by their commitment and appreciate all they do on a regular basis. Another thing is all the opportunities APWA has to offer for career development and advancement. The benefits I have received through being a member has helped me both personally and professionally and is why I am honored to serve as your president. Finally, the many friendships established not just in Arizona but around the country, these relationships have been forged over the long haul of my membership through networking, committee participation, conferences, service projects and volunteering.

Since the pandemic, the term “long hauler” has taken on a whole new meaning, (but one we are used to hearing) so I decided to use it to frame this month’s message. The actual term long hauler is defined as someone going the distance. I think you'll agree with me the individuals quoted within this message have over the years gone the distance for this chapter. I am so appreciative of their leadership and forever grateful for the time they have spent as active loyal members striving to ensure a legacy for our chapter.

I hope you will find their responses as interesting and validating of our organization as I do.

David Fabiano: “I cannot overstate how important actively participating in APWA has been in
my career. I regularly call on peers in APWA to help me in my role as Town Engineer. Meeting
with and getting to know peers in your Chapter and/or Branch is invaluable for the public works

Al Field: “Long-term APWA membership has meant developing and nurturing long-term
relationships with clients and soon-to-be clients who become friends and who develop trust in
our products and services. It also allows me to share knowledge and information with agencies
and consultants who benefit by reducing project delays, damages, and associated costs, saving
the taxpayer/ratepayer (you and me) big bucks.”

Loretta Flick: “As part of the APWA AZ Chapter Leadership APWA Membership has afforded
me the opportunity to meet with peers from many different chapters. This experience helped
with organizing and managing chapter committees and other events to enhance our local
chapter. Most importantly, I have developed long lasting friendships and business relationships
thanks to my many years as a member of APWA AZ.”

Rob Kidder: “It’s impossible to overstate what 30 years of APWA Membership has meant to
me, but aside from it helping to keep me abreast of new topics and technologies, it’s probably
the network of close friends and colleagues that I’ve developed and maintained over the years
that I cherish the most and feel the most grateful for.”

Steve Orosz: “APWA has been a great resource to my development as a public works
professional. Over time, APWA has provided a local forum to expand my technical knowledge at
the local chapter and branch meetings. The training and education programs prepared me for
my time in the public sector as City Engineer and CIP manager. The organization has allowed
me to gain access to a forum to talk to other public works professionals to address key issues
that I could not resolve on my own. Connections to other professionals that have been down
that road has been invaluable. Lastly, the recognition program through the Projects of the Year
for professionals and successful projects has been a great tool for advocating for public works

Jeanne Sapon: “Having been a member of APWA for more than 15 years, I can identify a
hundred times, at least, where my membership was a huge advantage. Making and keeping
outstanding contacts in the industry through APWA has benefited me with legislative insights,
advanced notice on local budgets and public works planning, and invaluable intelligence on
software and equipment updates. Last, but certainly not least of all, are the friendships I have
enjoyed and continue to enjoy now that I have retired.” 

Wendy Springborn: “APWA membership has allowed me to foster relationships locally as well
as across the country creating my Public Works family! I have people I can reach out to for
questions and ideas, so I don’t have to recreate the wheel.”

John Trujillo: “APWA has provided me with the support, tools, and mentors throughout my
career as a public employee. This support allowed me the understanding and importance our
programs provide to our citizens.”

Kristin Tytler: “As a longtime member of APWA, to me the most meaningful part of this
organization is the people! APWA has given so many members the opportunity to make real,
meaningful, local, and national connections – all in effort to help, encourage and promote each
other as we navigate through the public works world.”

As you can see from these “long haulers” responses APWA meets the established needs of our
members. These thematic messages clearly identify the benefits available to members.

• Resource for professional development
• New technologies intelligence
• New topics important to Public Works
• Advance knowledge on local Public Works budgets and planning
• Long-term Relationships, both at the National and local level
• Network (National and local) of supportive and technical knowledge and information
• Training and Education
• Mentorship
• Avenue to help others save money

Begin your journey towards becoming an AZAPWA long hauler. Get involved in a committee,
volunteer, renew your participation within the organization. Start by Registering for our statewide
conference this August in Tucson, Arizona. Registration is now open. I hope to see you all there!


Donna Sullivan-Hancock 

PWI Module One - Sold Out

April 19-21, 2022

APWA April Program

April 20, 2022
Topic: APWA Update and Advocacy
Speaker: Stan Brown, APWA President

Adopt a Street Clean-Up

April 30, 2022

APWA Statewide Conference

August 3-5, 2022

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April 28, 2022 - Caring for Your Grounds with Smart Irrigation (CL&L)

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City of Tucson Broadway East
Information from Award Submittal
Agency: City of Tucson

The Broadway improvement project from Camino Seco to Houghton Road was one of the City of Tucson’s more challenging projects with 12 new significant drainage improvements crossing Broadway Blvd and sidewalks Hawk signal at Gollob and the overall widening. Cement stabilized grade was utilized in alleyways and sanitary sewer manhole access ways in new drain ways instead of more traditional surface treatments such as asphalt or concrete. This saved considerable money and produced a more natural look that blended into the new landscaping. Colored concrete was value-engineered in the Medians in place of the initially planned Brick pavers. This created significant savings to the City of Tucson in construction cost and future cost savings in reduced, required product maintenance. Additionally, recycled Asphalt millings were utilized on side streets and other areas to stabilize the dirt surface and reduce dust through Construction.

Creative use of municipal resources, equipment, labor, or funds that produced measurable benefits to the community.

The 12-inch water main KE&G installed for this project was a vast improvement regarding pressure
equalization and future maintenance. The original system for the area was a concrete pipe material and can be a maintenance menace. The new PVC C900 system with Ductile iron drop sections under the drainage culverts will give the area trouble-free service for years to come. The use of recycled millings to make temporary bus stop pads was not part of the original design. The high use of public transportation demanded the bus stops be improved and maintained throughout Construction.

Construction processes that minimize the impact to the community and its residents during

In addition to the exceptional measures taken to protect pedestrian traffic, precast box culverts were
used for most of the drainage facilities crossing Broadway to expedite construction and minimize the
public’s impact. This also allowed the team to cross the entrances and exits of the Tucson Unified School District’s east bus yard with new drainage structures without impeding the flow of their school buses.

National Public Works Week is May 15 – 21, 2022

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Public works are the services and infrastructure required to sustain quality community life.

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