APWA AZ Newsletter 2021 December

APWA AZ Newsletter 2021 December

Public works are the services and infrastructure required to sustain quality community life.

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January 15, 2022
Adopt a Street Clean-Up
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January 19, 2022
APWA January Program
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April 19-21, 2022
PWI Module One
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August 3-5, 2022
APWA Statewide Conference
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Reasons to be Thankful,

First, I would like to thank everyone that showed up at our first and second in person APWA meetings of the year!  Can you believe how long it’s been since our last opportunity to network with other members?  For me it is both inspiring as well as exciting to see everyone again.  I hope more of you will decide to join us as we move into 2022, and out of the restrictions of the pandemic.

It’s also a good time to thank our Past President, Kristin Tytler, for taking us through the pandemic and bringing the chapter out successfully and in good shape.  Kristin had many unusual challenges, and they were answered with professionalism and success.  Kristin, you certainly hold my personal appreciation and respect for a job well done.

Another reason to be thankful is for our active Events Committee. Throughout the year they do an amazing job of presenting opportunities for the membership to network together in conjunction with doing something to improve our community. Recently the committee hosted another roadside clean up event. It was a lot of fun, and I’m happy to report our section took on the appearance of EXTREME CLEAN when finished.  Great job everyone, our sincerest thanks goes out to those folks who regularly participate in this and other community service projects.

As your president I am thankful all our chapter committees are active. During our October in person meeting we handed out certificates to local PWI graduates. What an accomplishment for those individuals. Of course, this couldn’t happen without the dedicated volunteers (Dick Yano, Wendy Springborn, Bill Verkest and Suzanne Ledy) who work in this program. Thank you volunteers and congratulations graduates.

For those of you who were unable to attend the luncheon in October, the presentation was about Proposition 400 Extension along with survey data compiled showing support of extending the sales tax, talking points to use to promote support and campaign strategies for 2022.   I want provide additional information on this.   Below is a brief history of the proposition. I hope that many people connected to our profession might see the importance and significance of extending the program, it is critical funding for some of the types of work, we all do. Thank you to both our Government Affairs  Committee who organized the presentation and our Programs Committee for putting this great presentation together.

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the 37th anniversary of a sales tax to generate funding for future growth of the Maricopa County region.  It began with Proposition 300 in 1985. The initiative proposed a half cent sales tax be assessed to fund development of the Valley’s freeway system. The ballot initiative was overwhelmingly successful, with 72 percent voter approval, helping to construct 138 miles of our freeway network. Twenty years rolled around quickly and leaders from around Maricopa County again came together and agreed it was important to continue progress made through Proposition 300. In 2004, voters successfully passed Proposition 400, a 20-year extension of the established half-cent sales tax to continue delivering vital multimodal transportation improvements needed in the fast-growing County. Combined, the Propositions delivered Loops 101, 202, and 303, light rail, arterial street investments, and contributions to a growing multimodal network—a total investment of over $12 billion.

Which brings us to Proposition 400E, P400X or “Prop 500” whatever you have heard it called is the third generation and second extension of that original half-cent transportation sales tax established back in 1985. Agency and industry leaders are currently developing a strategy to bring the proposition to a vote early instead of waiting for it to expire at the end of 2025.  It is important for the region to continue momentum, building upon the progress made over the last four decades. Even though we’ve come a long way, we still have so much more to accomplish, and so many more diverse transportation needs for this growing, vibrant region.  Coming soon, there will be a landing page for obtaining additional information on the Proposition.

Here are some talking points to assist in carrying the message of support forward.

Momentum – Building what’s next

  • * In Arizona we must keep up with growth.  Our population is growing quickly, and we need to upgrade our infrastructure to avoid the future gridlock that California enjoys today. 
  • * We must maintain the infrastructure that we have now.  Safe and well-maintained roads help prevent accidents that keep us safe on the roads and allow first responders to get to us as quickly as possible.
  • * The proposal is not new, but a continuation of local funding.  There are no new amounts to pay.  This funding has financed over 300 miles of new freeway, a county-wide transit system, and hundreds of miles of investments in streets.
  • * We should continue to benefit from the investments we have already made.  Did you know that four out of every five jobs in Maricopa County are within two miles of a freeway? Now we have the light rail corridor.  To keep ourselves in the forefront of economic growth and prosperity we need these improvements upgraded and extended.
  • * Reliable infrastructure helps our economy keep rolling.  Did you know that more than 85% of our commodities are transported by trucks?  Great infrastructure helps to keep us competitive and saves money in wasted time and inefficiency.

Additional Benefits

I am so thankful to have this opportunity to serve as your President. We have an incredible chapter with the best members. As we begin to close out the year, let’s remember how much we have to be thankful for.

Finally, I want to express my sadness of the loss of Maher Hazine.  Many of you know how much work he put into this chapter.  He will be missed. Our sympathy goes out to his family as well as his former City of Peoria family and his Clarkdale associates. 


Donna Sullivan-Hancock 

Adopt a Street Clean-Up
January 15, 2022

APWA January Program
January 19, 2022
Topic: How to deal with staff shortage?
Speakers: Daniel Worth, Kristin Tytler, TBA

PWI Module One

April 19-21, 2022

APWA Statewide Conference
August 3-5, 2022

New Members

Tony AyalaCity of Avondale
Joseph BlackmanAPWA
Christian Castanedo
Louie CeballosTransportation Technician 2City of Peoria
Sean ConiglioLead Traffic Signal SpecialistCity of Peoria
Chad JacksonDirectorKitchell
Craig Roberts
Shawn TillsonProject ManagerPima County

New Member Spotlight

Be the next new APWA member to be featured!  This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and to make new connections with potential clients and customers.

All it takes is to reach out to Suzanne Ledy at 480-644-3808 or Suzanne.ledy@mesaaz.gov

Who's Who in Public Works
If you work in Public Works and are interested in being spotlighted in our “Who’s Who in Public Works” Section, please contact Trace Baker at tbaker@logansimpson.com

Farewell Tribute to Maher Hazine, PE, MBA, APWA Leadership Fellow

As many of you know, our colleague, Maher Hazine, PE, MPA and APWA Leadership Fellow passed away on October 31, 2021. He was an all-round professional who embodied the best of APWA. He served the community, APWA, and was a mentor to many.

Maher received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Arizona and received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. He was also credentialed as a Certified Public Policy Manager by the University of Arizona.

Professional Career
His career spanned the spectrum of public works and included both private and public sector service.

Maher was a risk-taker and entrepreneur. In his early career he did work for the Army Corps of Engineers. He subsequently worked as a consulting Civil Engineer. His work in the public sector began when he joined the City of Peoria where he served in various roles including Assistant City Engineer and Deputy Public Works Director. During his time with Peoria, he was instrumental in achieving APWA National Accreditation for the Public Works Department – recognition for following the best practices of the industry.

He left his position as the Deputy Public Works Director to follow his dream of owning and operating a restaurant in Pine, Arizona. However, all the time he was in the restaurant business he continued to provide consulting engineering services and public service. He applied his knowledge in service to the struggling Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District as a Board Member, Treasurer and Chairman. “Over four years he served his community and was the driving force behind the water district’s struggle to overhaul a leaky, outage-prone water system - and solve problems he had no hand in creating.”   (Payson Roundup).

After leaving the restaurant business, he went on to his most recent role as the Town of Clarksdale Director of Public Works – Utilities / Town Engineer.

Throughout his professional career, Maher was heavily involved with the Arizona Chapter of APWA at both state and national levels. After he became a member of APWA in 2002 he quickly joined several committees and programs to help the Chapter and the community. He served as the AZ Chapter Alternate Delegate in 2006 and 2008-2009, AZ Chapter Delegate 2009-2014, APWA Regional Director-Region VII from 2014-2018 and Chair of the Arizona Fleet Services Committee from 2014-2015.

His work with the Arizona Chapter included the APWA Emerging Leaders Academy, APWA Public Works Institute, International Congress 2013 and 2015 Pursuit Committees, and the International Congress Arizona 2015 Steering Committee / Congress volunteer.

He also helped to arrange APWA Awards Banquets, Networking Events, Annual Holiday Events, Statewide Conferences, International Congress in other states, Strategic Planning Meetings for the Chapter, and Community Service Projects with Chapter members.

His Legacy  
Perhaps Maher’s most enduring legacy is his role as a mentor to others. While at the City of Peoria, he encouraged professional development at all levels of the organization. The APWA Public Works Institute was the perfect way to provide continuing education to help his protégés prepare for advancement, as supervisors, as managers and as directors. Maher became heavily involved in the Public Works Institute, where he coordinated resources, recruited instructors, and engaged participants. He further encouraged his colleagues to refine their leadership skills through the APWA Emerging Leaders Academy - all to the benefit of their agencies, to AWPA, and to the community.

There are many examples of people who benefited from his mentorship and who are currently serving in public works leadership roles. Some have achieved recognition in their own right; both as public works professionals and through APWA. Maher was quick to help and to lead. He cared about the people he worked with. He cared about people. He was a good boss, friend, and colleague. His character might be summed up in a few words: he was sincere, he was earnest, he was loyal, and he was passionate for his causes.

While we are profoundly saddened by his passing, we are inspired by Maher’s example of service to AWPA and to the public works community as a whole.

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Jamie Lando, Jamie.lando@srpnet.com

Jeanne Sapon, azbdsapon@gmail.com

Communications (looking for a co-chair also)
Sandy Niebel, sniebel@calienteconstruction.com

Christy Sipos, csipos@civiltec.com

Diversity and Inclusion
David Sabers, David.sabers@c-agroup.com

Events & Community Service
Nicole Moon, Nicole.moon@wsp.com

Government Affairs
Amanda McGennis, amcgennis@azagc.org

Membership & Engagement
Steve Orosz, sorosz@paradignae.com

Kristina Lock, klocke@cvlci.com

Professional Development
Dick Yano, dick.yano@woodplc.com

Sponsorship Committee
Sandy Niebel, sniebel@calienteconstruction.com

Eric Vechan, eric.vechan@gcinc.com

Young Professionals
Cory Steele, cory.steele@strand.com

Northern Branch
Chris Steele, christ.steele@yavapai.us

Southern Branch
Bill Schlesinger, bill@sce.engineering

Holiday Party

APWA’s Jingle & Mingle was held Thursday, December 9th at State Forty Eight Brewery in downtown Phoenix. More than 35 individuals gathered to kick off the holiday season with food, drinks, raffle prizes, and a lot of fun! Happy Birthday was sung to our very own Chapter President, Donna Sullivan-Hancock.

We would like to thank our event sponsors the Arizona Chapter of AGC, Cooper Aerial, Hilgart Wilson, Kitchell, Rinker Materials, Sundt, and WSP along with all of the Board members and companies that contributed raffle prizes. Proceeds raised that evening of approximately $2,000 benefited St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Public Works Job Opportunities
This section allows agencies to advertise their open positions. Please provide your advertisement and/or link to tbaker@logansimpson.com or suzanne.ledy@mesaaz.gov. In addition, check out the APWA Work Zone site! Job openings on the site may be sorted by key word and location. 

City of Avondale
Associate Engineer
Engineering Inspector
Equipment Operator
Solid Waste Project Coordinator
Right-of-way Management Coordinator
Sr. Water Distribution Operator

City of Buckeye
Building Inspector II
Building Inspector Supervisor
Civil Engineer
Construction Inspector I (contract)
Instrumentation & Controls Supervisor
Maintenance Worker – Streets
Plans Examiner I & II
Senior Survey Economic Development Business Manager
Water Resources Operations Manager
Water Resources Operators I, II, & III

City of Chandler
Airport Manager
Solid Waste Environmental Specialist
Sr. Instrumentation Tech
Water Plant Operator & II

Town of Gilbert
Engineering Right-of-way Manager
Plans Examiner I - Engineering
Sr. Project Manager - CIP
Solid Waste Operator I
Wastewater Utility Worker I & II

City of Glendale
Business Intelligence Developer
Civil Engineer, Sr - Water Svcs
Contracts Program Mgr - Budget & Finance Manager
Development Services Representative
Equipment Operator
SCADA system Planning Project Manager
Streetlight Program manager
Supervisor, Water Facilities – Water Treatment
Transportation Director

City of Goodyear
Administrative Asst - Development Services
Assistant Planner
Building Inspector I/II
Building Inspector III
Civil Engineer
CIP Coordinator
Construction Inspector II
Deputy Building Official
Economic Development Project Manager
Plans Examiner

Maricopa County
Civil Engineer - Floodplain Use Permitting
Plans Examiner Engineer - Contract
Resident Engineer

City of Peoria
CIP Project Manager
Plans Examiner I & II
Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Utility Plant Operator

City of Scottsdale
Plans Examiner
Solid Waste Equipment Ooperator I, II, III, & IIII
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Engineer, Sr.
Wastewater Treatment Manager
Wastewater Technician II
Water Resources Asset Program Manager
Water Treatment Plant Operator II

City of Surprise
Planner II
Traffic Control Coordinator
Wastewater Operator

City of Tempe
Facility Manager
Plan Check Engineer I & II
Sr. Building Inspector
Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Sr. Planner
Sr. Civil Engineer
Traffic Engineering Technician
Transportation Lead - Signing & Striping

City of Yuma
Asst. Director of Finance
Heavy Equipment Operator
Sr. Planner (Transportation/GIS)
Water Treatment Plant Manager
Water Treatment Plant Operator II

APWA Statewide Conference Call for Abstracts

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Public works are the services and infrastructure required to sustain quality community life.

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