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JULY 2015

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July 14, 2015
Prescott Valley Group Luncheon
StoneRidge Country Club
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July 15, 2015

APWA Arizona Awards Luncheon
Phoenix Country Club
More Info > 

July 23, 2015
City Engineers Forum
Maricopa Assoc. of Governments
More Info >

August 29, 2015
Congress Golf Tournament
TPC Stadium
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September 1, 2015
Congress 5K Walk/Run
Tempe Town Lake
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September 1, 2015
Congress Arizona Chapter Dinner
The Duce
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Here we are about two months away from the Congress.  The anticipation is growing.  Many have already either registered or volunteered to work on the Congress.  Please keep this in your thoughts.  If you are thinking of playing in the golf tournament, donating funds, or registering - - Now is the time to do it!  Thanks for your help in making this a wonderful event here in Arizona! The APWA National is gearing up for our Congress.  So should you.

On another note, do not miss the luncheon on the 15th of July at the Phoenix Country club.   This is when we award our winning project awards for this year!  It will be from 11:30 AM to 1:00 or a little after.  (Allow a little extra time for this luncheon in case it runs over just a bit.)

This will be a big meeting for our Arizona Chapter and the Northern and Southern branch members are invited as well.

We have a lot to accomplish and are working on getting this done efficiently and effectively.

Thanks to the entire team that is working to get the awards program and the Congress organized and ready to occur.

That is about all for this time and be sure to be at the July 15th Meeting!!

John Hauskins


Interstate 11 Project Update

Ariticle compiled by Laura Turiano, David Evans and Associates, Inc.

With construction underway on a key link of future Interstate 11, the Boulder City bypass in Southern Nevada, momentum is building for what may someday be the Intermountain West Corridor from Mexico to Canada.

Since the early 1990’s, discussions have been on-going about creating a more robust transportation corridor between Phoenix and Las Vegas. The thought is that providing a limited access interstate would open up the area to increased economic development opportunities in commerce and international trade while providing a safer driving experience and improved travel times. The idea originally stemmed from the CANAMEX corridor discussions that called for a north-south route from Mexico-to-Canada through Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. This new interstate would help to improve travel on 1-5 and 1-15 which are the only other north-south Mexico-to-Canada routes west of Texas. Another component of the project is to develop the corridor with not only highway infrastructure, but also incorporate rail and utilities in order to maximize the corridors effectiveness for economic opportunity while minimizing environmental impacts.  

With the completion of the Arizona and Nevada Department of Transportation’s two year I-11 & Intermountain West Corridor Study in November 2014, possible corridors for the Phoenix / Las Vegas link are coming more into focus. Listed below are some of the 2015 project updates:

Image Courtesy of ADOT      

  • February 16, 2015 – Construction began on the US 93 Widening project west of Wickenburg between SR 71 and SR 89. This project will widen the two-lane rural roadway into a four-lane divided highway for approximately five miles. This segment slated to be completed in 2016 is part of the proposed I-11 corridor.
  • March 24, 2015 – Intermountain West Corridor Development Act of 2015 introduced to Congress. This bill would formally extend the I-11 Phoenix / Las Vegas designation from Wickenburg south through Tucson to Nogales, Arizona and also extend north through Nevada as well. This bill is sponsored by U.S. Senator Dean Heller of Nevada and was introduced with the support of U.S. Senator John McCain and U.S. Senator Jeff Flake.  
  • April 6, 2015 – A historic groundbreaking was held for the first, 15-mile section of I-11, the Boulder City bypass in Southern Nevada. This project, when completed will link the new Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge with I-515 in Henderson, Nevada. US 93 currently carries up to 34,000 vehicles per day in this area and will provide a greatly improved transportation corridor allowing more economic opportunity for the region, when complete.
  • June 29, 2015 – ADOT completes the widening of a three-mile stretch of US 93 north of Wikieup. This $20 million project widened the two-lane rural roadway into a four-lane divided highway approximately 20 miles north of Wikieup. This segment is known as the Antelope Wash segment and is part of the proposed I-11 corridor.


56th Street Improvements CMAR Project – Transforming a Residential Street into an “Iconic Visually Significant Corridor”

Article and Photos by Achen-Gardner Construction, LLC

Project Background: 

Utilizing the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) project delivery method, the Town of Paradise Valley brought together the CK Group and Achen-Gardner Construction to complete the design and construction of the Town’s first “Iconic Visually Significant Corridor”. 56th Street between McDonald Drive and Lincoln Drive offers pedestrians and motorists amazing views as it is positioned between two landmark mountains, Camelback Mountain to the south and Mummy Mountain to the north. This stretch of road is also flanked by exciting growth and change, the redevelopment of Mountain Shadows Resort and Golf Course on the west side and Cullum Homes’ new residential community to the east side. 56th Street also provides access and connectivity to the Sanctuary Resort and El Chorro restaurant. All of these elements contribute to 56th Street’s importance and they are central to defining this corridor as a distinctive and memorable experience for occasional resort goers and local residents alike.



Design Character of the Project:

This project served as the inspiration for the development of the Town’s “Iconic Visually Significant Corridor ” guidelines for similar future projects.  The Town provided the forum for extensive public input to many features from roadway alignment to landscaping to custom character elements while balancing constructability and best value of initial and life-cycle costs.  The following criteria were crucial to the design and creation of a unique sense of place:

  • Traffic calming
  • Accommodation of pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Creation of a “Wow” visual by directing the corridor views looking north at Mummy Mountain and South at Camelback Mountain
  • Observance of the Paradise Valley dark sky ordinance
  • Distinctive features with cohesive southwest design elements
  • Connectivity to the landmark amenities both north and south of the corridor (Sanctuary Resort, El Chorro Restaurant, Mountain Shadows Resort and Golf Course, Echo Canyon to the West)
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Maintenance

Working with Stakeholders
Planning throughout the design and construction phases was critical to ensuring that all stakeholders were not just considered but accommodated as well. Extensive planning included:

  • Public meetings during the planning, conceptual, and design stages.
  • Separate public sessions that invited participation in selection of the roadway alignment, landscape, and hardscape features.
  • Comments and feedback from the public utilized at all stages of the project.
  • Providing continuous signage and access.
  • Extensive public communications coordinated by the Town’s Project Manager and Achen-Gardner’s construction team public outreach.
  • Traffic control continually monitored and adjusted by the Town and Achen-Gardner to safely facilitate construction activities, public travel, ongoing pedestrian access.
  • Accommodation of the five residents whose only access was on 56th Street included daily individual communication directly between Achen-Gardner’s Project Superintendent and the residents and included scheduling construction of driveways and paving with each resident based on their personal schedules to minimize the impact on their day-to-day activities.

Preparation and Phasing

Determining the most effective construction phasing of the project was a result of several factors considered together:

  • Relocation of existing private utility conflicts  - based on identification, design, and relocation schedule of the utility companies.
  • Public Needs and accessibility - that included Town specified construction hours and maintenance of southbound traffic at all times.
  • Shortest possible duration
  • Sequential Construction Activities - that required a specific progression such as early relocation of utility conflicts followed by construction of the sewer followed by the surface improvements.
  • Logical Phased Segments – through evaluation of the current access needs of Mountain Shadows West, Cullum Homes, and 56th Street residents, the project was scheduled in three phases as shown below.


Project Phasing and Scope of Work

Phase 1 included the north 400 LF of 56th Street and driveways consisting of decorative pavers and concrete flatwork. This segment of roadway was completed quickly and provided access in and out of the Mountain Shadows Resort properties and Cullum Homes development. Improvements also included the traffic signal equipment at the intersection of 56th Street and Lincoln Drive,

Phase 2 consisted of constructing the east 2/3 of 56th Street beginning at the Phase 1 completion boundary south to McDonald Drive and included a single asphalt lane, raised landscaped and paver medians, curb and gutter, private residential driveways to match existing materials, landscaping, sidewalk and matching existing pavement on McDonald Drive. Additionally, the frontage to El Chorro Restaurant on Lincoln Drive was transformed from overgrown oleanders to a southwest style stucco wall with new landscaping.

Phase 3 constructed the west 1/3 of 56th Street beginning at the Phase 1 completion boundary south to McDonald Drive and included iconic hardscape elements as well as accessibility improvements to the nearby Sanctuary Resort. This phase included the single asphalt southbound lane, curb and gutter, meandering sidewalk, drainage contouring and rip rap, a multi-use pathway with curbing, a unique shade node with laser cut metal panels, pavers, and stacked stone seat walls and support columns, landscaping, rusted frame wayfinding signage, creative metal screens and gates that camouflage the APS equipment cabinets while providing approved access requirements and feature laser cut silhouettes of Camelback Mountain and rusted gabion retaining walls. Additionally, surface paving, adjustments, and striping were completed during this phase.

Teamwork and Project Success

The process allowed for the commencement of construction while final design was being completed. The Project Team worked in a very fluid and cohesive manner to address issues as they arose, keeping the project on budget, and making the necessary adjustments to schedule, sequence, and traffic control to maintain the project flow while accommodating those directly affected by the construction.

Custom design elements required ongoing design and constructability evaluation and field adjustments throughout the construction of the features. The CMAR process provided the opportunity to contribute valuable constructability input during the design phase and supported the important continuous involvement of the design staff during construction.

Proactively staying out in front of potential issues is the key to project success. Weekly or biweekly team site walks were made to evaluate construction in progress. Town project staff was intimately involved at every level and made decisions quickly. This allowed the team to identify issues quickly, make necessary adjustments, and continue moving forward without delays.


Project Owner:  Town of Paradise Valley

CMAR/General Contractor:  Achen-Gardner Construction, LLC

Designer:  the CK Group, Inc.

Major Subconsultants:   Service Engineering Design Consultants (El Chorro Wall), National Sign Plazas, Inc. (Wayfinding Signage)

Major Subcontractors:  MakPro Services (Public Outreach), B&F Contracting, Inc. (Electrical), ISS Grounds Control, Inc. (Landscaping),  RGG United Contractors, Inc. (El Chorro Wall), Magnum Companies (Custom Metal Elements), Integrated Masonry (Stone Features), Creative Metals (Gates), European Pavers (Pavers), SmithCraft Custom Signs & Graphics (Wayfinding Signage)

For more project information and photos, visit http://achen.com/project-archive/317-job-3363100-56th-street-improvements



Mongollon Rim Sponsor:
Ontario Public Works Association

Sonoran Desert Sponsor:  Dibble Engineering ~ Kiewit ~ Stantec

White Mountain Sponsors: Amec Foster Wheeler ~ APWA Southern Arizona Branch ~ Cardno HDR ~ H&E Equipment Services ~ Jacobs ~Stanley Consultants


Painted Desert Sponsors:  Achen-Gardner Construction ~  Civil & Environmental Consultants ~ Engineering and Environment Consultants, Inc. ~ EPS Group ~ Infra-Tech ~ Michael Baker International ~ Speedie and Associates ~ SRP ~ Terracon ~ Wood Patel

Please help the Arizona chapter reach its sponsorship goal of $500k.  For information on Congress 2015 Sponsorships click here or contact Kent Dibble, kent.dibble@dibblecorp.com.



Volunteer Sign-up for the APWA International Public Works Congress & Expo to be held at the Phoenix Convention Center from August 30 to September 2 is open on National’s website!  

The 2015 Congress Volunteers sub-committee is preparing for the big push to fill over 700 volunteer slots needed to make Congress a big success!  Based on past Congress experience, we anticipate these slots will be filled by over 550 individual volunteers, most of whom will come from your organizations.  These volunteers will be needed for such assignments as “Congress Concierge” at the event hotels, checking attendees in and out of educational sessions, way finding around the Convention Center, and assisting vendors and visitors on the exposition floor, among other similar assignments.  At times there will be as many as 100 volunteers working. 

So, why would you volunteer, and how do you sign up?

The main benefits of volunteering are easy:

1.  You get a chance to give back to the profession and your peers by serving them at the premier public works event!

2. When you sign up for a half-day volunteer slot you will get free admission to Congress for the other half-day.  If your agency can’t afford to register multiple employees, look at this as a way to get them into the event free by volunteering to work for a half-day.

4.  This is an opportunity for you to show the pride we have for our great state of Arizona to public works professionals from all over the world!

3.  And best of all, think about the stylish volunteer shirt you get to wear on your day of service – and it’s yours to keep.  WOW!

How do you volunteer:

APWA National Volunteers sign up, click here to register: http://www.apwa.net/Meetings/Congress/volunteer/Create

Note:  If you plan to have multiple staff volunteer to get them a chance to experience the event, now would be a good time to start scheduling the timing. so everyone isn’t trying to volunteer for the same day.  The main days for Congress are Sunday August 30th through Wednesday September 2nd, but we will need some volunteers on Saturday August 29th and Thursday September 3rd as well.

Thank you for supporting APWA!!!

Rebecca Timmer                                       Jeff Kramer
Dibble Engineering                                   Alliance for Construction Excellence


The 2015 Congress Publicity/Exhibit Committee has promoted Congress at various regional conferences since late last year. Members of the committee and/or members of the local/regional associations manned booths, handed out fliers, and answered general questions to build interest and a better understanding of what Congress is all about. Most recently our 2015 Congress promo booth was at the 2015 AZ Water Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa. As the start of Congress approaches and there are less conferences to attend, we are focusing our efforts on encouraging local chapter members to attend and/or volunteer. Please read and feel free to distribute the following promotional materials. They are an excellent resource.

Exhibitor Brochure

2015 Congress Preview

Since January, members Arizona Chapter APWA and other industry professionals have written articles that promote Arizona. These articles have been featured in APWA email blasts and the APWA Reporter magazine in an effort to build interest in the 2015 Congress. Click the images below to see the July promotional articles that were featured in the APWA Reporter.


Congress Events



Entellus - Hill & Argyle Join Forces
Press Release, Posted: June 10, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona and Bountiful, Utah – Entellus, Inc. (Entellus) and Hill and Argyle, Engineering and Surveying (H&A), are excited to announce that they have joined forces.  This transaction provides immediate benefits to both offices. It provides Entellus with a second office nationally - a first step in Entellus' geographic diversification objective. For H&A it allows them to offer their clients  a wider array of services. It also provides the foundation for targeted growth through expanded offerings to public sector clients. 

"Our goal is to provide a seamless transition to clients traditionally served by H&A as well as our Utah based staff throughout this integration" said Tim Crall, PE, Entellus President. "Much of H&A's success is built on respected professional relationships which we will continue to build on." Von Hill, PLS, and Scott Argyle, PE, Principals of H&A, will continue with the newly merged company.  Von added "We are pleased to be able to offer expanded services to our clients and join with a highly respected firm. We look forward to a bright future together." 

H&A originated in 1978, providing civil engineering and surveying services to Utah and Idaho.  Combined engineer resources are over 37 years of  technical experience in Bountiful, Utah. Entellus originated in 1985, today is a 45 member firm, specializing in transportation engineering, water/wastewater engineering, hydrology/surface water engineering, geographic information systems, development services, field services, and construction administration services projects. Entellus has been engaged in planning, analysis, and design of municipal and public infrastructure resource projects throughout Arizona.   

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact: 
Rosa Olivas can be reached at (602) 244-2566 or via email: rolivas@entellus.com

 Scottsdale Bond Election Set for Nov. 3 

Contributed by: Erin Walsh, Public Information Officer, City of Scottsdale

Scottsdale voters will go to the polls Nov. 3 to consider a variety of bond-funded civic improvements totaling nearly $100 million.

The City Council voted Wednesday, June 3, to set the election. Members also finalized a project list and the bond ballot language.

In announcing their intention to move forward with a bond proposal, Council members cited the need to replace aging equipment and facilities, improve roads and bolster public safety by among other things, constructing new fire stations and improving training sites.

“This is a focused, vetted and needed set of projects,” said Mayor Jim Lane. “These improvements are necessary to maintain our quality of life and to keep Scottsdale a world-class community.

“That’s why our City Council is moving forward to refer these projects to voters. It is time.”

The list of proposed projects was put together from input gathered during 2013 hearings conducted by a Citizens Bond Task Force and from recent staff recommendations.

The financial impact of the bond election will vary from resident to resident based on property values.  The average value of a home in Scottsdale is $371,000 and the tax impact of a successful 2015 bond election would be $38.24 annually or $3.20 per month.

Below is the list of proposed projects and ballot questions along with estimated costs:

Proposed 2015 Bond Program



Question 1: Parks and Community Facilities $ 31,900,000

  • Renovate the Vista del Camino Park/Indian Bend Wash area from McKellips Road to Thomas Road, $18,500,000
  • Upgrade chemical treatment systems in four city aquatic facilities, $3,500,000
  • Replace aging restrooms, maintenance and storage buildings at four city parks $3,400,000
  • Replace outdated irrigation systems, $1,900,000
  • Install energy-efficient sports field lighting at four facilities, $4,600,000

Question 2: Transportation $16,540,000

  • Improve the intersection of Hayden and Chaparral roads, $2,510,000
  • Widen Happy Valley Road from Pima Road to Alma School Road, $4,830,000
  • Improve Highland Avenue intersections at Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard, $2,100,000
  • Improve Sidewalks in Downtown Scottsdale, $4,000,000
  • Add Bike Lanes on McDowell Road, $3,100,000

Question 3: Citywide Technology $6,870,000

  • Replace energy control systems at five city buildings, $1,500,000
  • Improve WiFi in public buildings, $470,000
  • Purchase disaster recovery technology infrastructure, $4,900,000


Question 4: Street Pavement Replacement $12,500,000

Replace 140 miles of deteriorated pavement on city streets, $12,500,00

Question 5: Public Safety – Fire $16,350,000

  • Build Fire Station 613 (Desert Foothills), $5,100,000
  • Design and build Fire Station 616 (Desert Mountain), $3,700,000
  • Relocate Fire Station 603 (McCormick Ranch Area), $6,750,000
  • Renovate Fire Station 605 (75th Street & Shea Boulevard), $800,000

Question 6: Public Safety – Police $11,800,000

  • Expand and renovate the Civic Center Jail and police station, $10,100,000
  • Rebuild the public safety vehicle training track, $1,700,000

Bond Program Total -- $95,960,000

For a full description of each of the bond projects please visit www.scottsdaleaz.gov/2015-bond.



New Member Spotlight

Name, agency and title: Edward L Cunningham, Pinal County, Assistant Highway Supervisor and Safety Coordinator

With APWA since: July 2015

Job responsibilities: I assign daily work for 11 maintenance employees and fill in during storm events as an operator repairing roadways. I also head up a new safety program being developed to train new employees on safe machine operation.

I have been developing operating procedures for all Pinal County maintenance equipment within maintenance. I train new hires during a 6-month probation period and conduct testing for research.  I am also responsible for keeping maintenance yards in compliance with OSHA standards and fill in wherever needed including as a superintendent.

What was your favorite project to work on in the last 10 years?: Pinal County Job Hazard Analysis

Where have your travels taken you?: I don’t travel much, but when I do I tend to favor the California coast and the coastal highway views.

What is one thing not many people know about you?: The one thing most people don’t know about me is that if they do know me there is not much they don’t know. I tend to be very transparent about my entire life in a nutshell. 


Full NameTitleCompany
Christopher Joseph BridgesDirectorCentral Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization
 Edward Sam CunninghamAsst ForemanPinal County
Tony D. GarciaMTO Supervisor-StreetsTown of Queen Creek
Debbie GomezSR Management AsstTown of Queen Creek
Mr. Santos V. Gurrero, JrProject Lead WorkerYuma County Public Works
Martha Elaine HareADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTCity of Tucson
Charlene MontgomeryC/P Project AssociateTown of Queen Creek
Melody Moss, PECivil Engineer IIICity of Phoenix
Cullin PattilloENVIR ENGR MGRMohave County PW
Brian Quill Town of Gilbert
Louie Steve RiveraPROJECT LEAD WORKERYuma County
Steve SandersDeputy DirectorGila County Public Works
Craig L. Sellers, CFM, PEDeputy County EngineerYuma County AZ
Daniel ShafferInfrastructure AnalystCity of Suprise
Orrin A. ShawPavement EngineerCemex
Ray Yparraguirre, PEProfessional EngineerKimley-Horn and Associates


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