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May 12, 2015
Prescott Valley Group Luncheon
StoneRidge Country Club
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May 14, 2015
City Engineers Forum
Maricopa Assoc. of Governments
More Info > 

May 15, 2015
Envision Accreditation Workshop
Maricopa County DOT
More Info > 

May 20, 2015
CapitalPrograms: Show Me the Money!
Phoenix Country Club
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May 27, 2015
John Trujillo Award Reception
Aunt Chilada's
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This month we will be highlighting two topics.  They are: Public Works week and the upcoming APWA Congress in Phoenix this year.  These are exciting times.  The APWA members are the champions of these issues.  So, let’s get started - -

Public Works week is May 17th to 23rd.  Why is it important??  That may be a question someone may ask you or you may ask yourself.  There are a few interesting facts that need to be discussed.  Did you know that the biggest health benefit in the United States (and around the world) was the development of water treatment and proper disposal of waste?  More lives have been saved by these two items than even the invention of antibiotics!  This movement started in the 1920’s or so.  Without Public Works, many of the things that we take for granted would not be there and our lives would be very different!!  There would be no running water, no public sewage disposal systems, no roads, no airports, no libraries, no parks, no public buildings, no cell phones, no electricity for lighting, air-conditioning and the list goes on.  We would be thrust back into the dark ages with a very different lifestyle.  Thank goodness that we have those dedicated public works employees that tirelessly provide ALL of the above amenities without so much as a thank you most of the time.  It is time to say “thanks” to all of these people and the consultants, contractors and public spirited Government employees that support all of these systems so that we can have happy, safe, and healthy lives.  Our public works systems are so good that most people have no idea how they even work.  Now, is the time to tell them and let them know that there are many reasons to celebrate the Public Works week!!  Our tireless Public Works people don’t receive much recognition most of the time.  Let’s be the ones that tell them they are doing a good job!  Let’s celebrate Public Works week and enjoy the lifestyle that we are enabled to live, that these solid citizens (our Public Works community) provide for us.

Moving on to our second topic - - Let’s remember that the International Congress for APWA is coming here to Phoenix August 30 to September 2, 2015.  It will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center and we should all try to attend for at least part of this rare opportunity to experience the world of Public Works!   Here are a few subjects that will be discussed during this upcoming Congress:

  1.  Funding and Budgeting
  2.  Career Development and Workforce Solutions
  3.  Asset Management
  4.  Emerging Technologies
  5.  Stormwater
  6.  Sustainable Practices
  7.  Emergency Preparedness
  8.  Livable Communities

In addition, here are the Keynote speakers that will be speaking during this Congress:

Marcus Luttrell, the author of Lone Survivor and Service A Navy Seal at War. He is a decorated Navy Seal and will have some amazing things to tell you.

There will be a Public Works Technology panel that will discuss Drones, unmanned vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and more technologies that are being implemented right now and in the near future!

Diana Nyad, The long distance swimmer, sports journalist, and broadcaster that has achieved world-wide acclaim.  She will be talking about Find A Way.  She completed her 110 mile swim from Cuba to Florida on Sept 2, 2013.  You should attend and listen to her story.

Dan McNichol, PHD,  He is an author, speaker and Journalist.  He is touring the entire country in a 1949 Hudson automobile.  He is touring the country’s public works systems.  His talk will be about the mega construction projects in the United States.  Don’t miss this one either.

I can go on and discuss this upcoming Congress even more but will stop here.  I have more to tell you in the upcoming months leading up to the Congress.  I will give you more food for thought in my messages throughout the summer.  I am pleased about this year and am happy to see all these exciting things going on in Arizona.  I am certain you will join me in these feelings. You should be proud to be a part of all this!  

John Hauskins


Article Submitted by: Jeanne Sapon


The Arizona Chapter had a very successful awards campaign for 2015.  The Awards Committee received 32 nominations in 11 categories and selected 16 winners.  We also had two nominees selected as National Projects of the Year and a National “Citation for Exemplary Service to Public Works” Award winner – a first for the Arizona Chapter.  Official notices were sent via mail to the award winners and the award plaques will be presented at a special Chapter luncheon on July 15th at the Phoenix Country Club.  Presentation of National awards will take place at the National Congress in Phoenix this year.   Congratulations to all our award winners!

Recognition of the Judges

The judges for the 2015 Awards Program deserve special recognition for their efforts and commitment to the process.  Many thanks to:

  • Kent Dibble, Dibble Engineering
  • Scott Bender, Pinal County Public Works Department
  • Mike Holder, Regional Transportation Authority
  • Kelli Berman, Yavapai County Public Works Department
  • Michael Sabatini, Michael Baker International
  • Ken Kawamoto, Achen-Gardner Construction
  • April Victorino, Stantec Consulting
  • Chris Turner-Noteware, City of Phoenix
  • Jeanne Sapon, DBA Construction, Inc.


Award Winners

Ann Chanecka, Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager
City of Tucson, Department of Transportation
Award of Merit (AZ Chapter) and Citation for Exemplary Service to Public Works (National)

As the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Tucson’s Department of Transportation, Ann Chanecka leads local efforts to get more Tucson residents and visitors walking and riding bicycles, and works to make these active, energy-saving and environmentally sustaining modes of transportation safer and easier in the City of Tucson. She puts her expertise and passion to work with the public, citizen groups and local government officials and staff. Her contributions to Cyclovia Tucson, Bike Fest, Sun Link Tucson Streetcar, bike boulevards and protected lanes, pedestrian and bicycle HAWK signals, Safe Routes to School, bike sharing and national transportation organizations make her a worthy APWA Award of Merit recipient.


Don Bessler, Public Works Director
City of Tempe
Public Works Employee of the Year (AZ Chapter)

In his 4-year tenure as the Director of the City of Tempe Public Works Department, Don Bessler has made a significant mark on the organization and the community.  His ability to balance and transition between financial, operational and employee relations challenges – all while looking towards the future for innovative ways to serve the community better – not only steered the department through unprecedented financial challenges but positioned workgroups to be stronger than ever before.  His value to Public Works extends beyond Tempe through his connection with professional organizations and the gracious sharing of his talents through professional presentations and articles.



Palominas Flood Protection & Groundwater Recharge Project
Cochise County
Environment:  $5 million or less (Arizona Chapter)

The Palominas Recharge Project is the first step in our county-wide plan to take control and manage our most important resource – water. Cochise County is committed to storm water detention, capture and groundwater recharge. These steps also augment the surface flow and improvement of habitat in the San Pedro River, a riparian habitat protected by Congress.


South Rillito West Central Interceptor Rehabilitation Project
Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department
ENVIRONMENT:  $5-25 million (Arizona Chapter)

The South Rillito West Central Interceptor Project is the first of three projects that will extend the life of the Pima County’s wastewater infrastructure by more than 50 years. Instead of excavating and replacing large-diameter sewer lines – and causing extended disruption of well-traveled streets, densely populated neighborhoods, a school and businesses – the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department, KE&G Construction Inc., and WestLand Resources Inc. used two trenchless rehabilitation methods that accessed and lined the existing pipes through existing manholes and only four insertion pits. With creativity and innovation, the team completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget.


Prescott Airport Water Reclamation Facility
City of Prescott
ENVIRONMENT:  $25-75 million (Arizona Chapter)

 The Prescott Airport Water Reclamation Facility, Prescott’s largest capital improvement project, completed with attention to quality, on schedule, and under budget. Its success, attributed to proactive planning, synergistic team building and creative project delivery.  Prescott government, management, and staff developed a comprehensive Master Plan that considered all available technical, funding and implementation options. The plan allowed for flexible growth (centralized versus decentralized treatment). During design, Prescott and Waterworks Engineers worked with the CMAR (PCL/Fann) to implement ideas that reduced project cost while maintaining the City’s quality goals. Participation of local businesses and public feedback was encouraged throughout the project.


Chandler Airport Water Reclamation Facility
City of Chandler
STRUCTURES:  $75+ million (Arizona Chapter)

The City of Chandler selected McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. and Wilson Engineers to expand the Chandler Airport WRF from 15 MGD to 22 MGD to meet the additional treatment demand of a nearby industrial facility. The fast-paced project required the 7MGD expansion to be operational and re-permitted in less than 24 months, and as an end-of-the-line plant, the facility needed to remain operational throughout construction. This required over 200 live process and integration tie-ins over the course of the project, that were successfully completed without disruption to the normal plant influent and effluent treatment processes.


Julian Wash Linear Park
Pima County
STRUCTURES:  $5 million or less (Arizona Chapter and National)

This project has grown from a connector path into a special community amenity. It began with the collaboration of Pima County and its team working with adjacent schools, businesses, and stakeholders to minimize construction impacts and provide a functional and safe linear park project. The project grew into a vision of improved public health and well-being from the funding partners and concluded with a community amenity that surpasses usage expectations, increases business awareness, and provides a unique and enjoyable recreational experience. The Julian Wash project promoted P3 and a “how-to” on building effective and true community-wide improvements.


Tucson Convention Center
City of Tucson
STRUCTURES:  $5 - 25 million (Arizona Chapter)

In the past seven years, the Convention Center lacked proper maintenance. It was in such poor condition that the City expected to demolish and rebuild a new facility. Due to creative architectural design and extensive value engineering, the team was able to develop a solution that required renovations rather than a completely new facility.  Prior to this renovation, the Tucson Convention Center facility had not been updated since 1970.  This project turned the facility into a state-of-the-art venue where SMG (TCC Management) could bring in higher quality productions and performers for the City of Tucson - increasing revenue for the City.


Peoria Sports Complex Improvements Project
City of Peoria
STRUCTURES:  $25-75 Million (Arizona Chapter)

In addition to outstanding collaboration of team members across the country, what makes this project special is the commitment of the City of Peoria to the Cactus League in Arizona. Over twenty years ago, the City of Peoria developed the Valley’s first two-team spring training facility, hosting the Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres. As this lease term neared expiration, the City once again demonstrated their commitment to the Cactus League by investing in the development of a state-of-the-art renewed two-team spring training facility and signed the same teams to another twenty years in the Valley.


Galveston Pedestrian Bridge
Arizona Department of Transportation
TRANSPORTATION:  $5 million or less (Arizona Chapter)

Mimicking the theme from the nearby Thude Park, a common-ground for radio controlled aircraft, the main inspiration for the overall design of the bridge is “Flight”. TYLIN and our team members worked with the City to incorporate elements from facilities and parks to create a visually stunning bridge and point of pride for its surrounding community. The decorative fencing utilized galvanized material to reduce construction costs, yet still meet the artist’s intent and vision. Decorative lighting and brick pavers were installed at the landing areas to give pedestrians a welcoming entrance to the bridge.


Downtown Links-Phase 2 (St. Mary’s Road/6th Street – Interstate 10 to Church Avenue)
City of Tucson, Department of Transportation
TRANSPORTATION:  $5 – 25 million (Arizona Chapter)

Downtown Links is a major corridor enhancement to the gateway of the City of Tucson’s downtown district. The project is designed to a large area from the floodplain by upgrading existing drainage infrastructure; increasing roadway safety by replacing an existing at-grade railroad crossing with a new underpass; enhancing Downtown connections with a new multi-use path, bridge and Deck Plaza. All of this work was to spur further economic development in Downtown Tucson. This project represents a critical link to the City’s center and to economic expansion.



Houghton Road:  Irvington Road to Valencia Road
City of Tucson, Department of Transportation
TRANSPORTATION:  $5 – 25 Million (National Award)

As the first three miles of the 14-mile multi-modal corridor improvement project approved by voters in 2006, team members were under significant scrutiny to deliver an innovative, safe, and successfully constructed facility. Widening the roadway from two to six lanes and adding bike, pedestrian and drainage improvements brought unique challenges including construction sequencing, significant right of way acquisitions, preservation of native plants, and resolution of numerous utility conflicts, among others. Public concerns were resolved through extensive communication and accommodations with a very involved and environmentally sensitive community. Best practices and cutting edge technology successfully addressed both design and construction challenges.


Power Knowledge Corridor
City of Mesa
TRANSPORTATION:  $25 - 75 Million (Arizona Chapter)

This team transformed an expensive “standards approach” to an innovative corridor that fully addressed the desires of the many contributing agency partners.  Implementing a couplet design with creative access solutions resolved drainage, floodplain, and utility challenges while delivering a $33 million project on budget.  Additional visual enhancements were developed even through construction as the plans transitioned from concepts into reality.  Power Road serves as a testament to agencies working together to produce important infrastructure enhancements while improving the community’s and region’s identity, prosperity, education, and sustainability.


Expansion and Modernization of the Mariposa Land Port of Entry
General Services Administration
TRANSPORTATION:  $75+ million (Arizona Chapter)

The Mariposa Land Port of Entry is the largest commercial border crossing in Arizona accommodating over 1.5 million vehicles per year. 40% of the produce entering the US, passes through this port. Now imagine all of those tasty fruits and vegetables … stuck in traffic …in 100+ degree temperatures.  Northbound commercial vehicle wait times are seasonal, sometimes taking hours. Lengthy wait times can negatively affect the quality of the produce and delivery schedules for manufactured goods.  Our team delivered a monumental project… by improving the capacity and operational efficiency of the Mariposa LPOE and supporting transportation infrastructure, relieving traffic congestion, reducing delays, enhancing safety and security, promoting international trade, and improving the quality of life for residents in the border region.


Maricopa County Security Building Renovations
Maricopa County Facilities Management
HISTORIAL RESTORATION/PRESERVATION:  $5 million or less (Arizona Chapter)

The Security Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Phoenix Historic Property Register. Maricopa County recognized the importance of preserving the historical integrity of the architectural elements while enhancing the energy efficiency of the building envelope and improving the functionality of the interior spaces. The project elements included exterior steel casement window rehabilitation for improved energy efficiency and sound mitigation, and interior improvements. The most significant interior elements were the eighth floor ballroom renovation and conserving the decorative painted plaster ceiling. The renovated space will be used as an assembly space for Maricopa County functions.


Calle Torim Enhancement Project
Pascua Yaqui Tribe
SMALL CITIES/RURAL COMMUNITIES:  Transportation (Arizona Chapter)

This project reconstructed the 1-mile segment of Calle Torim to improve mobility and accessibility within the Pascua Yaqui Indian Reservation for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic by incorporating curb and sidewalk, transit bus bays, bicycle lanes, tree canopy, landscape and water harvesting features,

improved drainage infrastructure, on-street back-in parking at the Boys and Girls Club, architectural roadway lighting with identity flag banners, and controlled access along the corridor.


Integrated Sustainability and Resource Recovery Project
Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department

In the process of providing wastewater services to the community, PCRWRD proactively deals with water, solids, and other by-products, often considered as “wastes”.  PCRWRD has recognized the social, environmental, and economic value of the “wastes” and transformed the nature of its business from “wastes treatment/disposal” to “resource recovery”.  PCRWRD has developed a comprehensive Sustainability Program structured to address the sustainability goals in Public Works through seven focus areas:  1)  Reclaimed Water, 2)  Biosolids Utilization, 3)  Energy Management, 4)  Biogas Utilization, 5)  Nutrient Recovery, 6)  Research and Technology, and 7)  Green Team.  PCRWRD enjoys the cost savings, the increased system efficiencies, and the community recognition of the Program.



Iron Springs Road

Article submitted by:

Rick Shroads, P.E., P.L.S., Founder, Civiltec Engineering and

Aric Stewart, P.E., Construction Engineer, Yavapai County Department of Public Works

Yavapai County has recently designed and constructed a pavement replacement and widening project for Iron Springs Road, a vital connector between Prescott and Skull Valley, highly used to accommodate traffic between Prescott and California.  The road showed severe edge breakdown, block and alligator cracking and severe oxidation and was assessed as a road which would not be considered for pavement preservation practices.  Civiltec Engineering, Inc. has recently completed design plans, survey, specifications, estimates and construction administration for approximately 5.4  miles of Iron Springs Road.  The project consisted of full roadway reconstruction and widening, superelevated curves, drainage, signage and striping, retaining wall, and barrier design.  A Design Concept Report was prepared identifying design speeds, maximum superelevation (taking into account ice and snow), and advisory signage.  The project was considered “grade-critical” because of its narrow corridor which for the most part, was aligned along the ridge of a series of hillsides, resembling “hogs-back” type of topographic features.  Over 75,000 cubic yards of soil was removed and stock-piled offsite and is now available for road plating purposes on other unimproved County roads.  Seismic testing for additional slope stability analysis was needed due to steep ascending slopes on the project.   The project included six down-slope retaining walls, removal and replacement of unsuitable subgrade, in-situ chemical subgrade stabilization using cement stabilization, designated turn lanes, widened paved shoulders, new rubberized HMA, and approximately 5 miles of guardrail.  This project was constructed within the allotted time and budget, by a strong partnering relationship between Yavapai County Public Works Department, Civiltec, and Asphalt Paving and Supply (Contractor).

Additional pavement widening at guard-rails employed to facilitate easier mowing maintenance


Slopes were designed with seismic influences in mind – COR-TEN steel guardrail achieves rustic look 


Hilly terrain presented design challenges relative to grades and superelevation





Mongollon Rim Sponsor:
Ontario Public Works Association

Sonoran Desert Sponsor:  Dibble Engineering ~ Stantec

White Mountain Sponsors: Amec Foster Wheeler ~ APWA Southern Arizona Branch ~ Cardno HDR ~ H&E Equipment Services ~ Stanley Consultants


Painted Desert Sponsors:  Achen-Gardner Construction ~  Engineering and Environment Consultants, Inc.EPS Group ~ Infra-Tech ~ Wood Patel

Please help the Arizona chapter reach its sponsorship goal of $500k.  For information on Congress 2015 Sponsorships click here or contact Kent Dibble, kent.dibble@dibblecorp.com.



Volunteer Sign-up for the APWA International Public Works Congress & Expo to be held at the Phoenix Convention Center from August 30 to September 2 will open up on National’s website in the spring!

The 2015 Congress Volunteers sub-committee is preparing for the big push to fill over 500 volunteer slots needed to make Congress a big success.  We have attended the past two Congresses in Chicago and Toronto specifically to observe and learn from those two volunteer committees, and we got some great information and ideas from them.  We are currently keeping a list of those who express an interest in volunteering. 

Based on past Congress experience, we anticipate these slots will be filled by over 350 individual volunteers, most of whom will come from your organizations.  These volunteers will be needed for such assignments as “Congress Concierge” at the event hotels, checking attendees in and out of educational sessions, way finding around the Convention Center, and assisting vendors and visitors on the exposition floor, among other similar assignments.  At times there will be as many as 100 volunteers working.  So, why would you volunteer, and how do you sign up?

The main benefits of volunteering are easy:

1.  You get a chance to give back to the profession and your peers by serving them at the premier public works event!

2. When you sign up for a half-day volunteer slot you will get free admission to Congress for the other half-day.  If your agency can’t afford to register multiple employees, look at this as a way to get them all into the event free by volunteering to work for a half-day.

3.  And best of all, think about the stylish volunteer shirt you get to wear on your day of service – and it’s yours to keep.  WOW!

How do you volunteer:

1.  APWA National will post a website in the spring where all volunteers need to complete the volunteer registration form.  In the meantime, you can send your name and contact information to either of the Volunteers Sub-committee Co-chairs and we will keep a list of people to notify when the volunteer sign-up site goes live.

2.  If you plan to have multiple staff volunteer to get them a chance to experience the event, now would be a good time to start scheduling the timing so everyone isn’t trying to volunteer for the same day.  The main days for Congress are Sunday August 30th through Wednesday September 2nd, but we will need some volunteers on Saturday August 29th and Thursday September 3rd as well

If you are interested, contact either of the Volunteer Co-Chairs at APWACongress2015@gmail.com.

Rebecca Timmer                                       Jeff Kramer
Dibble Engineering                                    Alliance for Construction Excellence


The 2015 Congress Publicity/Exhibit Committee has developed a strategy for promoting Congress at various regional conferences. Members of the committee and/or members of the local/regional associations will attend conferences and meetings to promote Congress by manning a booth, handing out fliers, and answering general questions. If you are planning to attend an upcoming conference or meeting and would like to help us promote Congress, please contact Amanda McGennis amcgennis@azagc.org or Scott Kirchhofer skirchhofer@achen.com


Our 2015 Congress promo booth was at the 2015 AZ Water Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa on May 6-8. Thanks very much to Deborah Muse, Executive Manager of AZ Water Association, for providing us with a great space to feature our special event.



The Committee has acquired some promotional materials for distribution. With the help of David Dancy, APWA Director of Marketing, we have a Save The Date postcard, an Exhibitor Brochure and the 2015 Congress Preview. These promos can be found at the links below and they are free for anyone to print and distribute. Actually, printing and distributing these materials is highly encouraged since we are all on the same team and want to promote Congress as much as possible to maximize the number of exhibitors and attendees.

Save the Date Postcard

Exhibitor Brochure

2015 Congress Preview (NEW!)

The Committee has also gathered some great brochures that promote Phoenix, The Valley, and Arizona. These brochures have been supplied to us by Janis Thomas, Senior Director – Convention Services/Housing, with the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau. The brochures will give Congress attendees a lot of options for places to see during their visit. We are also reaching out to the Arizona Office of Tourism and Arizona Highways to have them assist in writing articles that promote Arizona. These articles will be featured in APWA email blasts and the APWA Reporter magazine in an effort to build interest in the 2015 Congress and promote registration.

The 2015 Congress promotional article in the April issues of the APWA Reporter featured Tempe and can be viewed by clicking on the image.

Congress Events



Your Arizona Chapter’s annual operations depend upon donations from our member organizations. Sponsorships pay for the resources required to provide Educational Workshops, the Public Works Leadership Institute, website support, weekly news briefs, monthly newsletters, and much more.

Newsletters are published monthly, posted on the Chapter website and sent electronically to over 1000 recipients in the Public Works field.

Annual Corporate Sponsors’ company logos are prominently displayed at the Chapter Monthly Membership Meeting, Chapter email notices, and on the website. 

For more information visit the 2015 Annual Sponsorships web page.


Alejandro Angel, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE, ENV SP, principal/vice president, Psomas, Tucson, Ariz., and James Newberry, P.E., CCM, TCS, operations support branch manager, Maricopa County Department of Transportation were recognized in Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine’s fourth annual Rising Stars in Civil Engineering feature. For more information click here. 


The Fifth Annual Arizona Transportation Legacy Awards was awarded at the 64th Conference on Roads & Streets on April 2, 2015 at the Westin La Paloma Resort in Tucson, AZ. The “Transportation Legacy Award” recognizes outstanding individuals who have made a significant, noteworthy contribution to transportation in Arizona. The 2015 recipients included:

Peter L. Eno
Shellie Ginn
Daniel (Dan) S. Lance
Geza Kmetty
John Eugene McGee
Bob Mickelson
Curt Slagell

For more informtation about each award recipient, clck here


Public Works Week

There would be no community without the quality of life public works provides. There would be no community to police and protect, no public to lead or represent. Public works allows the world as we know it to be. The 2015 National Public Works Week theme "Community Begins Here," speaks to the essential nature of Public Works services in support of everyday quality of life.



Report Card for Arizona's Infrastructure

Wednesday May 13th
11:30am - 1:00pm
Dave & Busters, Tempe Marketplace 

You are invited to attend the release of the 2015 Report Card for Arizona’s Infrastructure. ASCE Phoenix Branch May LUNCHEON: 2015 Report Card for Arizona’s Infrastructure: Confronting the Challenges Facing Arizona’s Future. Presented by ASCE’s Report Card Committee, and joined by a panel of AZ infrastructure leaders and decision makers

It is very important for our industry to partake in understanding the current infrastructure issues in the great state of Arizona.  Please feel free to click here to RSVP, or send a staff member.  This information will be presented to our State and Local Government(s).  Thank you in advance for your participation.



New Member Spotlight

Name and Title: Nichole Jenks, Mohave County Public Works Office Supervisor

With APWA Since: A new member this year, 2015. Mohave County Public Works has been accredited since 2007.

Describe your job responsibilities: I provide administrative support to the Public Works divisions including Engineering, Roads and Traffic Control, Equipment Maintenance, Improvement Districts, Parks, Fleet and Facilities. I lead an Administrative Team of 13 highly talented and skilled professionals who work diligently to meet deadlines, prepare and process documents, process payments and management budget items while meeting the highest degree of accuracy. I work with Project Managers, schedule training sessions and assist with day to day functions in the Engineering Division.  I am also the assistant to the Public Works Director and handle business agendas, meetings, and assist with communications with other departments and committees within our organization.

I was recently nominated for and received an Honorable Mention for the 2014 Robert C. Esterbrooks Award in recognition of significant and professional contribution to Mohave County and the Community by Steve Latoski and presented by the Arizona Association of County Engineers.

Where have your travels taken you?: Besides the USA, I have only traveled to Mexico and Canada.

Name one thing not many people know about you: I’ve Bungee jumped 3 times from 180 feet.


Envision Training

Envision training is offered by the Sustainability Committee for a full day on May 15th.  This is an in-class one day training which will enable and prepare you for the online exam to be Envision certified.  

Click here for the flyer and registration information.


APWA Annual Family Picnic 


A great time was had by all at the annual family picnic, held Saturday, April12 at Tempe Town Lake Park. Even with no repeat appearance by last year’s picnic crasher, attendance was up, including members from municipalities, consultants, vendors and their families. A prospective member caught wind of our bash and attended as well. Attendees brought a veritable medieval feast of food that covered most of two tables, most of which seemed like dessert. One attendee, Chris Eggers, even brought some legendary Eegee’s!! Extra food was donated to nearby people in need, whom were most appreciative. Hope to see more of you all next year!






Full Name Title Company
Jennifer Bixby, PE, PTOE Business Development Manager Jacobs
Jerry Bond   CADsoft Consulting
Jerry Cooper Public Works Supervisor Town of Paradise Valley
Haley Estelle Management Assistant I Student University of Phoenix
Joseph A. Grant Public Works Director Town of Wellton
David Kelly Assistant Director of Operations City of Surprise
Chris John Larter Project Manager SDB, Inc.
 Mary Macdonald Director of Marketing CADsoft Consulting
Raymer Douglas Peters, PE, RLS Principal Civil Engineer Amec Foster Wheeler
 Brianna Noel Purdy Marketing Coordinator Shephard-Wesnitzer Inc
Angeline To Engineer III Pinal County
David M. West, CFM, PE Flood Control District Engineer Mohave County - Flood Control District
Ted Wolff Maintenance Superintendent Pinal County

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