The Arizona Utility Coordinating Committee serves its members by promoting professional excellence and public awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge.

Chair - Will Fielder,

Vice Chair - Vicki Bever,

Treasurer - Lori Greco,

Secretary - Connie Peretz,

For more information contact Connie Peretz at 602-540-1767.

Visit the PIPG page >

2015_10_02_AUCC_Minutes.pdf 2015_10_02_AUCC_Minutes.pdf
2015_12_01_AUCC_Minutes.pdf 2015_12_01_AUCC_Minutes.pdf
2017_02_07_AUCC_Minutes.pdf 2017_02_07_AUCC_Minutes.pdf
04-05-16 AUCC Minutes.docx 04-05-16 AUCC Minutes.docx
2015_06_02 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf 2015_06_02 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf
02-02-16 AUCC Minutes.docx 02-02-16 AUCC Minutes.docx
2015_04_07 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf 2015_04_07 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf
2015_02_03 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf 2015_02_03 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf
08-05-14 AUCC MTG MINS(2).pdf 08-05-14 AUCC MTG MINS(2).pdf
2016_10_04_AUCC_Minutes.pdf 2016_10_04_AUCC_Minutes.pdf
04012014 AUCC MTG MINS(4).docx 04012014 AUCC MTG MINS(4).docx
2015_08_04 AUCC Minutes.pdf 2015_08_04 AUCC Minutes.pdf
12-01-15 AUCC Minutes.docx 12-01-15 AUCC Minutes.docx
12-02-14 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf 12-02-14 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf
12-06-16 AUCC Minutes.docx 12-06-16 AUCC Minutes.docx
8-02-16 AUCC Minutes.docx 8-02-16 AUCC Minutes.docx
06-07-16 AUCC Minutes.docx 06-07-16 AUCC Minutes.docx
2016_04_05 AUCC Minutes.pdf 2016_04_05 AUCC Minutes.pdf
2017-04-04 AUCC Minutes.docx 2017-04-04 AUCC Minutes.docx
2016_01APWAUCCMinutes.pdf 2016_01APWAUCCMinutes.pdf
10-07-14 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf 10-07-14 AUCC MTG MINS.pdf

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