APWA AZ Newsletter 2020 August

APWA AZ Newsletter 2020 August

Public works are the services and infrastructure required to sustain quality community life.

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July-August, 2020
Free Virtual Summer Series
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August Kicks Off PWX @ Home

APWA’s National conference, PWX, is an amazing opportunity to meet people from around the world who share the same interests and challenges as you do in your role or profession. The sessions that are offered are top notch and cover topics that are of interest to all sectors of public works, including fleet, facilities, and engineering and technology. Each year, a different chapter hosts the PWX conference and members have the opportunity to visit a different city (Seattle, Orlando, and Toronto to name a few – how fun is that?!).

I know many of us have not had the chance to attend PWX because the travel opportunity may be just out of our reach, for one reason or another. This year, the PWX team is doing something different! Much like our Conference Summer Series, the National Team has rolled out an online 2020 PWX program that reaches out to all members. National APWA recently announced this year’s PWX @ Home. I encourage you to check out the PWX@Home website and explore the various options. Each month PWX will focus on a different topic – this month is “Utilities and Public Rights-of-Way.” For each topic, you can sign up for live education session and networking events. In addition to live events, you can also take advantage of exhibitor showcases and on demand eLearning opportunities. 

As we continue to navigate through Covid, our chapter will continue to remain virtual for our meetings. Please look forward to more e-luncheons for the time being and we will continue to keep you updated as we move forward.


Kristin Tytler, P.E. 

Statewide Conference - A Free Virtual Summer Series
July - August

The 2020 Arizona Chapter APWA Statewide Conference - Free Virtual Summer Series is an eight-week program that takes place at 10:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday in July and August. Starting on July 7th and ending on August 27th we will feature live and interactive presentations on a variety of educational and entertaining topics. All sessions will be recorded and posted on the conference website. See the conference website for more information and registration links for each session. https://www.azapwaconference.com/schedule2020

Pain Free Surveying Part IV Coming Soon To You, a New NGS Datum!- REGISTER HERE
Description: This will be a down to earth talk about existing datums, the new datum, why it is happening and what this means to all of us.  We will also be discussing the different foot measurements in the US and what NGS is doing about that. This talk will be structured around the analogy of a doctor appointment, presented by the “Survey Doctor” to help attendees understand these new changes and take a complex/technical topic and make it easier to understand. This will help us all have “pain free” survey projects in the future.
Speaker: Nathan Gardner, Wilson & Company

Value-Added Solutions to Small Community Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements- REGISTER HERE
Description: Value-added solutions for small community wastewater facilities improvements can be applied to produce significant reductions in energy use and freeing up budget for additional improvements beyond expectations. Communities, especially small communities, are burdened to provide adequate treatment to meet increasingly strict effluent water quality regulations while cost effectively managing facilities due to limited sewer revenue base. Case studies will be presented on recent wastewater treatment facility upgrades for City of Winslow and Town of Quartzsite. Both projects display facility-specific upgrades that increase treatment efficiency producing higher effluent water quality and improve operational flexibility, while reducing total energy consumption.
Speakers: Mike Krebs, Environmental Water PACE / Tim Westover, City of Winslow / Emmet Brinkerhoff, Town of Quartzsite


Lessons Learned from Pima County RWRD's First Progressive Design Build- REGISTER HERE
Description: Selecting the appropriate delivery method and effectively managing the process can determine a project’s success or failure. This presentation will focus on the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department’s procedures, collaboration with the design engineer and general contractor, project challenges, lessons learned, best practices, and the advantages of using a Progressive Design-Build to complete the design and construction of more than four miles of new pipeline on the Twin Peaks-Blue Bonnet Road Gravity Sewer project.
Speakers: David Badger, Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Dept. / Geoff Tucker, Achen-Gardner Construction / Stefanie Thrush, EEC

The Workforce Dilemma: Where is the Industry Without a Future Workforce and What Can Be Done to Attract the Next Generations- REGISTER HERE
Description: This presentation will take a look at the challenges the construction and engineering industry is facing with the retirement of the older generations and the difficulty companies and agencies are facing with attracting quality employees. We will talk about negative millennial stereotypes and how they hinder positive mentorship of younger employees, creating a company culture that attracts and retains foundational talent, and my experiences in the construction industry as a young professional and what my priorities were when looking at employers.
Speaker: Kaitlyn Stewart, RHA, LLC

Utilities? No Problem? (Panel Discussion)- REGISTER HERE
Description: Projects today, especially Capital Improvement Projects, whether transportation or pipeline improvement projects are fast-paced and technically challenging. Underground and overhead utilities are affected. Utility owners must consider customer as well as project needs along with the usual safety, scheduling and budgeting concerns. This panel of agency representative will help us understand utility coordination issues from the agency’s perspective.
Moderator: Al Field, Al Field & Associates
Panel Members: Kevin Sonoda, City of Phoenix / Bashir Hassan, City of Tempe / Hugh Alter, City of Glendale

Celebrating Public Works and the 2020 Award Winners
Congratulations to all of the professionals and projects that received awards in 2020. Visit the conference website to view a video presentation and list of all of the award winners. 

New Member Spotlight
Be the next new APWA member to be featured!  This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself and to make new connections with potential clients and customers.

All it takes is to reach out to Suzanne Ledy at 480-644-3808 or Suzanne.ledy@mesaaz.gov

Who's Who in Public Works
If you work in Public Works and are interested in being spotlighted in our “Who’s Who in Public Works” Section, please contact Trace Baker at tbaker@logansimpson.com

Name and Title: Al Field, President 

Agency: Al Field & Associates (AFA) 

With APWA Since: 2007  

Describe your job responsibilities: AFA serves agencies and their consultants by locating and mapping existing utilities and finding beneficial ways to avoid their relocation, since including time to relocate utilities for a project typically increases the project timeline. When relocation is required, we coordinate the relocation(s) with other stakeholders to ensure minimal project schedule impact and that relocations are completed prior to the contractor arriving on site. We work closely with the contractor to ensure no delays are encountered.  

What was your favorite project to work on in the last 10 years? We worked on a design-build project adding HOV and auxiliary lanes to a freeway. The owner expected the project would take over 700 days to complete and we completed it in less than one year. 

Where have your travels taken you? My wife and I toured the Middle East on a 19-day Holy Land trip in 2001, shortly before 9/11 occurred. Very exciting trip! 

Name one thing not many people know about you: I love old cars, having owned and worked on several 1955 – 1956 Chevy Nomad (sporty) station wagons and a 1956 Corvette. 

Alternate Delegate Nominations due September 11, 2020 
The APWA-AZ Board is looking for the next Alternate Delegate for the Arizona Chapter. Interested and qualified members are encouraged to submit their name and qualifications to the Chapter’s Nominating Committee. Please review the Alternate Delegate Selection Criteria information, and if interested, submit your information to Sheila Hamilton (sheila@gettingitdone.org), by September 11, 2020. Delegate and Alternate Delegate responsibilities can be found on pages 6 – 7 of the Chapter Manual

APWA 2020 Annual Sponsorship
We have some great sponsorship opportunities to highlight your firm including in the Southern and Northern branches of APWA. Check out the link for further information.

Professional Development

Click, Listen, Learn
Preparing for the New Norm
October 29, 2020
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Talking Top Tech Webinars

Technologies for Field Crews Edition

September 24, 2020

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Public Works Job Opportunities

This section allows agencies to advertise their open positions. Please provide your advertisement and/or link to tbaker@logansimpson.com or suzanne.ledy@mesaaz.gov

Geotechnical Team Lead - ADOT 
Equipment Repair Technician – ADOT 
Transportation Construction Technician 4 – ADOT 
Building Maintenance Specialist – ADOT 
Highway Operations Technician Supervisor – ADOT 
Highway & Construction Laborer (Highway Operations Technician) – ADOT 
Admv Svc Officer IV (Accounting and Finance Supervisor) – ADOT  
Transportation Development Engineer – ADOT  
Customer Service Representative – ADOT 
District Engineer – ADOT 
Water Resources Specialist III – ADWR 
Strategic Initiatives Project Manager – ADOT 
Traffic Safety Engineer Supervisor – ADOT  
Transportation Engineer/Project Manager – ADOT  
Highway Maintenance Laborer (Highway Operations Technician) – ADOT  
Finals Specialist (Transportation Construction Technician 4) – ADOT  
Customer Service Representative 1 & 3 – ADOT  
Transportation Engineering Permits Technician 3 – ADOT 
Highway & Construction Laborer (Highway Operations Technician) – ADOT  
Quality Assurance Materials Engineer – ADOT  

City of Apache Junction
Water District Superintendent 

City of Buckeye 
Water Resources Maintenance Mechanic 
Water resources Operator I 

City of El Mirage 
Engineering Inspector

Town of Gilbert  
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Specialist 
Transportation Planning Manager 
Utility Worker I & II – Distribution 
Wastewater Utility Worker 

City of Glendale 
Business Analyst - Water Services 
CIP Project Manager 
Equipment Operator - Bulk Trash 
Equipment Operator Curb Service - Solid Waste Management 
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic - Water Services Department 
Security Officer - Water Services 
Water Plant Operator, Sr. 
Water Services System Technician, Sr. - Distribution 

City of Goodyear 
Construction Inspector I (Temporary) 
Senior Project Manager 
Utility Locator 

Town of Maricopa 
Facilities Maintenance Technician 

Maricopa County 
Civil Engineer (Environmental Services) 
Civil Engineer – Drainage (MCDOT) 
Civil Engineering Specialist (Traffic Studies) (MCDOT) 
Crew Leader – (FCDMC) 
Engineering Program Manager (Environmental Services) 
Survey Party Chief Jr. (MCDOT) 
Trades Generalist (Facilities Management) 

City of Mesa 
Solid Waste Equipment Operator II 
Trades Worker I (Carpentry/Painting) 
Water Plant Maintenance Specialist III - Water Supply 
Water Quality Inspector 
Water Resources Operator I/II - Water Reclamation 
Water Resources Operator I/II - Water Treatment 

City of Phoenix 
Management Assistant I – Public Works   
Energy Management Specialist – Public Works   
Equipment Operator IV Fuel Distribution (Equipment Operator IV) – Public Works   
Fleet Methods & Standards Analyst – Public Works   
Project Management Assistant – Public Works   
Tire Program Supervisor – Public Works   
Property Manager – Public Works   
Water Policy Development Manager 
Customer Service Representative – Water Services 
Safety Analyst I – Water Services 
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic – Water Services 
Planner II – Water Services 
Supplies Supervisor – Water Services 
Water Services Process Control Manager – Water Services 
Water Systems Operator – Water Services 

City of Scottsdale 
Administrative Assistant Supervisor – Transportation & Streets 
Maintenance Worker I – Public Works 
Project Manager – Public Works 
Solid Waste Equipment Operator I – Public Works 
Solid Waste Equipment Operator II – Public Works 
Street Maintenance Supervisor – Public Works 
Water Maintenance Technician II – Water Plant Maintenance – Water Resources 
Water Treatment Plant Operator II – Water Resources 

City of Surprise 
Civil Engineer – Associate – Public Works 
Department Financial Analyst, Senior – Public Works 
Fleet Technician (Part Time Regular) – Public Works 
Fleet Technicial III – Public Works 

The New Normal: Where's the Water Cooler? 

There is no doubt that relationships with our colleagues are important to our work environment. As we get to know each other in the office, we begin to understand each other’s personalities and working styles, which helps us build teamwork and work more efficiently.

After four months of Covid-19, many organizations are still working remotely some or all of the time. Many professional organizations, like APWA AZ, haven’t yet resumed their regular in-person meeting schedules and have transitioned to online formats for events like conferences. Gone are the quiet conversations in the hallway or the corner of the room where you can connect with a colleague on a personal level.   

So what to do when there’s no water cooler to gather around? 

Take advantage of online events like virtual luncheons, training opportunities, and happy hours. This new way to connect works well to maintain relationships and stay visible to your colleagues—and it provides a great opportunity to schedule a follow-up phone call or online meeting for a more personal chat. 

Send invitations to private Zoom, WebEx, or Teams meetings. To make the most out of video meetings, encourage everyone to turn on their cameras so you can read body language and make eye contact. Share a smile or small joke at the start of every meeting. When possible, set up the call so all participants are visible to each other so each of you can “read the room.”  

Use chat functions to establish a regular time to touch base with others. Many video-call programs give you the opportunity to establish groups or teams of different people to facilitate work on a specific project. But groups like these can facilitate the social interaction that can help build teamwork and camaraderie, too.   

Send out electronic “high fives”, “good jobs”, and “hellos!” to recognize and stay connected with your work team. Consider setting up virtual teaming-building activities like number of steps walked—and award virtual trophies to the top achievers. Be sure to reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while. 

While we may not have a real water cooler to gather around right now, there are still many opportunities to stay connected. As with most things Covid-19, staying adaptable is the key. 

Annual Scholarship Announcement

Kristin Tytler

Each year, APWA Arizona provides scholarship opportunities to college students who are interested in advancing in the field of public works. Applicants are required to submit an application, letters of recommendation, and an essay to the Scholarship Committee telling a little bit about themselves and why public works is important to them. This year, our chapter awarded $1,500 scholarships to three very deserving students. Congratulations to Joel Hernandez, Brian Roman, and Ronaldo Zuniga. We are looking forward to working with you all in your professional careers! 

AWPA Summer Marketplace 
APWA offers a Summer Marketplace as a service to its members. The Summer Marketplace lists equipment public works professionals use in their day-to-day jobs. Visit the Summer Marketplace here


Public works are the services and infrastructure required to sustain quality community life.

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