APWA AZ Newsletter 2018 Dec

APWA AZ Newsletter 2018 Dec

NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                                                                      December 2018


December 11, 2018
APWA YP Luncheon
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December 13, 2018
APWA & ASCE PB Holiday Party
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December 14, 2018
Events & Community Service Committee Meeting
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August 7-9, 2019
2019 APWA AZ Statewide Conference
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Voice … Value … Competition

As we move into the holiday season, we as Americans have yet another thing to be thankful for. We have just completed another election cycle wherein we have "peacefully" (more than less) effected changes in the leadership of our various political institutions. Regardless about how you may feel about the outcome, we have once again affirmed opinion of many political pundits - democracy is the worst form of government - except for all the others. It may be messy but we seem to make it work time after time, and we know that if we didn't like the outcome this time we only need to wait a couple of years and we can try again.

Two key components of our APWA strategic plan, here in Arizona and nationally, are Voice and Value. In the area of VALUE, our goal is to define the value of public works and enhance its visibility/awareness, and in the area of VOICE our goal is to be the voice of public works to government leaders and media.

Here in Arizona, APWA/AZ's Government Affairs / Advocacy Committee is working hard to help us, over the next few months, meet the leadership of our state legislature. This will be a major opportunity for our association, as a major Voice of our industry, to show our political leaders the immense Value of the public works industry and the public infrastructure we operate and maintain for our communities.

The headline for this message is "Voice … Value … Competition" and as I'm sure most everyone is aware, there is intense competition for the limited public funds available. Public work competes every budget cycle with other very deserving public needs: public safety, social services, education, national defense, …the list seems to go on and on. However, as someone who enjoys studying the history of mankind's growth from wandering hunter gatherers to today's high tech civilization, one fact seems quite constant. Almost without exception, the quality of life for people and their "civilization" is directly influenced by the quality of the infrastructure supporting them.

As our state and local politicians visit us over the next several months let's use our VOICE in these opportunities to reinforce their understanding and acknowledgement of the VALUE of the public works industry and the infrastructure we operate and maintain on the public's behalf.

(PS: It's budget season at the local level. This is another great opportunity to be a VOICE communicating the VALUE of public works. Talk to our Government Affairs / Advocacy Committee about how you can help get this message out to our local politicians. Remember, we are competing against some very deserving groups; we need to sell our message as well as they do.)

Greg B. Smith, PE/PS, ENV_SP

APWA Young Professionals Luncheon
December 11, 2018
Topic: Casey Ambrose shares her experiences at the Town of Gilbert

APWA & ASCE PB Holiday Party
December 13, 2018

Statewide Conference
August 7-9, 2019

Special thanks to those firms that have already registered as sponsors and exhibitors:

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Achen-Gardner Construction
DBA Construction
Dibble Engineering
EPS Group
Sunland Asphalt
Tierra Right of Way Services, Ltd.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to:

New Member Spotlight

Name and Title:
Jason Elgin, Sales Representative for Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.

With APWA Since: 2018

Describe your job responsibilities: Lighting and Control Sales

Where have your travels taken you?: About half the states in the US

New Members

Full NameTitleCompany
Aizer AvilaTraffic TechMaricopa County Department of Transportation
Gordon Bean, PESenior PM/ Office ManagerShephard Wesnitzer Inc.
Richard D. CoxDivision SupervisorCoconino County Public Works
Jaydean DallasLead Landscape WorkerSRPMIC
Jennifer DonahueSr. Civil EngineerThe City of Mesa
Matilda DougiLead Heavy Equipment OperatorSRPMIC
Dionisio ErasunConstruction Inspector IICoconino County Public Works
James GuidottiCapital Project ManagerCoconino County
Miguel GuillenSenior Engineer TechThe City of Mesa
Jim HammitCoconino County
Hong HouTraffic Engineer PrincipalCity of Scottsdale
Matthew R. MitchellFleet AnalystCoconino County Public Works
Gerardo MorenoDirectorTown of Guadalupe
Chris R. MyersITS SupervisorCity of Scottsdale
Enrique Mendez PaniaguaSupervisor ICity of Phoenix
Richard PetersDeputy PW DirectorCity of Phoenix
Noe RamirezROW Landscape SupervisorSRPMIC
Timothy R. SampsonHeavy Equipment OperatorSRPMIC
Anthony G. SpinoSupervisorCity of Phoenix
Clinton TellerForemanTown of Prescott Valley
Doreen Toby, retiredAdminMCDOT
Winden R. TrimbleSr. Heavy Equipment OperatorMaricopa County Department of Transportation
Farzana YasminThe City of Mesa

Who's Who in Public Works

Name: Donna J. Sullivan-Hancock
Agency: City of Tempe
Title: Principal Civil Engineer

What are you responsible for in your new role? Responsible for all aspects of private development engineering and any accompanying required right-of-way and infrastructure work.

How long have you been in this position? 14 months

Where did you work previously? City of Tempe, Capital Improvement Program Design and Construction Manager

What Challenges do you experience in your role? There is never a shortage of problems to solve, which is a fun challenge.  A more difficult challenge would pertain to the many field challenges and design changes that must be solved in real time because projects are under construction.  

How long have you been an APWA member? 11+ years

Have you served on the Board or any committees? Yes, I serve on the B, as well as the Awards, Finance, Diversity, and Membership committees.

What benefits do you get out of being a member?  I appreciate the interaction with my colleagues and have had several great conference experiences, both at state and national.

What would you like to share with APWA Members?  Public works and the technical engineering fields are so interesting and fun!  I have never once regretted choosing this field to work in.

Tell us about your family and hobbies:   I am advanced scuba diver, I shoot competitive pistol, and I am certified to skipper a sailboat up to 50’.  I collect art, love to entertain, cook, play piano and guitar, and travel.

The City of Mesa Engineering Exceeded the Turkey Goal!

The Annual City of Mesa Engineering Great Turkey Tuesday Turkey Drive was a huge success, we collected 1,573 turkeys in 4 hours!  With this event the United Food Bank had the ability to serve Mesa families with a warm holiday meal.

Many of you assisted us in reaching our goal, we want to thank you for your generosity and for giving back to our community.

2019 Call for Award Submittals

It’s time to start thinking about submitting your projects and/or professional individuals for consideration of the 2019 Annual APWA Awards.  Projects should be complete as of December 31, 2018 and the deadline for submissions is Thursday, January 31, 2019.  Some awards offered previously have been discontinued by National and have been replaced with new awards. 

The applications and forms to complete with instructions are now available on the APWA-Arizona Chapter website, http://arizona.apwa.net/PageDetails/16734.  The awards that are available this year are:

1.  Public Works Project of the Year (Chapter and National)

2.  Public Works Project of the Year for Small Cities/Rural Communities (Chapter and National)

3.  Management Innovation Award (Chapter and National)

4.  Technical Innovation Award (Chapter and National)

5.  Professional Manager of the Year Award (Chapter and National) (in multiple categories)

6.  Award of Merit (Chapter only)

Chapter Awards include:

  • 2019 Award of Merit – Recognizes an employee of a Federal, State, County, or Municipal Agency involved in public works at the operational level that performs in an exceptionally efficient and/or innovative manner.  Does not need to be an APWA member.  This award was given out annually at the Chapter level for a number of years and then discontinued.  Due to membership interest, it has been reintroduced to the Chapter award program.
  • 2019 Professional Manager of the Year – Recognizes an employee of a Federal, State, County or Municipal Agency involved in public works at the managerial level that performs in an exceptionally efficient and/or innovative manner.  Requires the applicant to be an APWA member.  Sub-categories include:
    • Administrative Management
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Facilities and Grounds
    • Public Fleet
    • Public Right-of-Way
    • Emergency Management
    • Solid Waste
    • Transportation
    • Water Resources

This is a new award offered this year.  Initiated at the National level and replaces the former “Outstanding Public Works Employee of the Year” Award.

  • 2019 Public Works Project of the Year Award
  • 2019 Public Works Project of the Year AwardSmall Cities/Rural Communities

APWA Dirt Roads Workshop

The APWA Arizona Chapter Education Committee held a Dirt Roads Workshop on November 6, 2018 in the City of Kingman.  There were 45 attendees from Yavapai, Coconino and Mohave Counties, as well as the City of Kingman and AZDEMA.  The five presenters included Jack Plaunty from the City of Kingman, Jeff Rodgers from Ninyo and Moore, and Tim Wolfe, John Holman and Paul Balch from Dibble Engineering.  The topics covered maintaining dirt roads, local dirt road experience, geotech 101, drainage 101, soil stabilization strategies, as well as gravel, chip seal and paving methodology.  Participants also shared their experiences with dirt roads within their jurisdiction, including maintenance, equipment and soil stabilization products.



Call for Speaker Presentations
APWA AZ is a co-sponsor of Southwest Building & Facilities Management Show & Conference.  If you are interested in presenting a one hour Conference Talk at SWBFM'19, please complete the Conference Speaker form by December 14, 2018. http://proexpos.com/SWBFM/page/speakerapplication

Public Works Job Opportunities
This is a new section where agencies can advertise their open positions. Please provide your advertisement and/or link to tbaker@lognsimpson.com or sniebel@woodpatel.com.

Town of Gilbert
Traffic Engineering Specialists

City of Glendale
Superintendent, Solid Waste Management

City of Mesa
Civil Engineer

City of Phoenix
Assistant Public Works Director

Benson-Steins Pass Highway (Texas Canyon Pass Rest Area)

Near Benson, AZ

Information from Award Submittal

Agency: Arizona Department of Transportation

Primary Contractor: KE&G Construction, Inc.

Primary Consultant: Dibble Engineering

The Benson–Steins Pass Highway Project known as the Texas Canyon Rest Area is located in Cochise County along Interstate 10 at milepost 320. The project sits approximately 15 miles east of the City of Benson. On October 27th, 2015 the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) contracted KE&G to complete renovations to the sewer system, rest rooms, pump house, ramadas, and well site.

Construction began on November 28th, 2015 with an estimated completion date of May 17th, 2016. The work consisted of replacing 13,000 linear feet of off-site waterline, and 3,500 linear feet of on-site distribution waterline. The project also included replacing existing booster pumps and pressure tanks with new booster pumps, and a 2,000 gallon pressure tank with a chlorine injector system. KE&G also installed 6 new evaporation pond liners that service the restrooms and two new 10,000 gallon septic tanks. Renovations to the existing restroom structure included installing new plumbing, flooring, lighting and other electrical components. The restroom also received new bathroom stalls, counter tops and sinks. The repairs in the parking lot and common areas involved AC pavement micro surfacing, installing new signage, applying 3,100 linear feet of pavement markings, placing 90 tons of mineral aggregate and 3 acres of hydroseeding.

The original construction costs were based on the initial project bid documents. There was a difference between the original cost and the completion cost of approximately $133,000.00 due to quantity changes and other unknown factors at bid time. The largest change in scope was due to the increased amount of thick sludge that was removed from the evaporation ponds. The project plans specified a maximum of 6 inches and the actual thickness was closer to 1½ feet in each of the 6 ponds. Due to the additional sludge removal, the project completion date was extended to July 22, 2016. Even with all of the additional work and modifications, KE&G still completed the project 1 month ahead of schedule.

Construction Management Techniques
Due to the large number of differential construction elements included in this project, the project team consisted of several other architectural firms and design firms; in addition to the lead designer Dibble Engineering. This project involved an electrical firm, plumbing/HVAC firm, as well as landscape architect. The project team held weekly meetings to provide updates on the project as well as discuss important issues requiring resolutions before they could impede progress in the field. The willingness of everyone to communicate and adapt, ensured that all members of the project team were able to achieve success.

With effective teamwork and constructive brainstorming, construction was completed ahead of schedule. The team was able to keep the overall project on budget and worked with ADOT to minimize the additional costs associated with the project scope changes. Everyone involved understood that it would take strong construction management and communication skills to complete this project on time, in a safe and efficient manner.

Safety Performance
KE&G strongly believes that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work. Safe working practices were adhered to and evolved to meet the dynamic nature of the project’s needs. As a General Contractor, KE&G has a moral obligation to the employees, the clients and the public to perform all construction projects in the safest manner possible.

This is done by providing in-depth safety training for all supervisors and workforce, and by planning each project so that safety is a top priority. KE&G’s Safety Officer, Vince Rosales, participates in all of the detailed planning sessions and conducts regular jobsite safety inspections and serves as both a consultant and instructor to all personnel. His commitment to safety is reflected in KE&G’s EMR of 0.70. In fact, over the last three years, KE&G has been able to successfully maintain notable EMR of 0.69 in 2016, 0.62 in 2015, and 0.71 in 2014. In addition, KE&G can proudly declare that there were No lost time injuries during the construction phase of the Texas Canyon Rest Area Project.

Environmental Considerations
This project takes place near an Avoidable Boundary, which is an ancient Native American site area that does not allow any motor vehicles, equipment, or ground disturbing activities. As a result, KE&G was required to horizontal bore approximately 700 lineal feet of new waterline in order to avoid tampering with any protected site areas.

Community Relations
KE&G worked with local ranchers in the area to secure a staging area where construction crews could stage material and park equipment. At the completion of the project, KE&G graded the property owners’ private roads as a gratitude for their generosity.

It was necessary for the entire rest area to be closed for the duration of the project in order to complete the renovation. The groundskeeper that manages the property temporarily relocated to a residence at another nearby rest area until construction was complete and it was safe for her to return to the property. By completing the project ahead of schedule, the rest area groundskeeper was able to move back into her residence a month early which reduced the impact on her.

Unusual Accomplishments
KE&G was able to discuss new designs with ADOT to reduce the cost of the metal stall walls and still deliver a great end product. There were issues which involved removing the liquid material from the existing ponds through evaporation. This process proved to be too slow so field crews began pumping the liquid through the system and bypassed the overflow pipes. This allowed the liquid to be absorbed into the evaporation beds. KE&G also proposed modifications to install at-grade manholes to protect the valves rather than above-grade corrugated metal pipe chambers. This change was proposed due to safety concerns related to above ground chambers directly adjacent to Interstate 10 and the potential hazard to travelling motorist.

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