APWA AZ Newsletter 2017 Nov

APWA AZ Newsletter 2017 Nov

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November 6-8, 2017
Public Works Institute - Module 3
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November 7, 2017
Communications Committee Meeting
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November 8, 2017
APWA Luncheon with ASCE
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November 10, 2017
Events & Community Service Committee Meeting
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November 15, 2017
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November 30, 2017
Education and Training Committee Meeting
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Happy Thanksgiving.  November is the month we give thanks. I want to especially thank the 20 + APWA members who volunteered at the St Vincent De Paul Family Dinner service last week. We served dinner, helped the kids with homework & played games, and organized a fun engineering project for the children.  As we move into this holiday season it was a timely reminder to be Thankful for all that we do have, and realize it takes very little effort to make a difference in someone’s day. 

Thank You to all of our APWA Annual Sponsors for their support throughout the year. As a nonprofit association, your sponsorship helps to support our annual programs and scholarships.  It’s that time again! Please remember to renew your sponsorship, or if you are not a current sponsor, this is a perfect time to sign up. Please see the sponsor form in this newsletter.  

November is also the month we reach out to our members for feedback and suggestions. Watch for the survey in your inbox soon. Please take a few minutes to respond and let us know what makes APWA valuable to you and how we can improve.  Remember we are in the midst of our Membership Drive. For every new member who signs up before the end of the year, your membership is half price PLUS you will receive a $100 credit towards the 2018 Statewide Conference.  That equals a year membership for practically free.

Lastly, save the date for our Holiday Party and Charity Raffle, December 6, 2017 at Camp Social, 6107 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 8501. This is a free event for members and guests. All money collected from the raffle will be donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank.  Please consider donating to this event. All donations will be posted and recognized at the event and on our website.  All donations are Tax Deductible. See the details in this newsletter.


Loretta Flick

APWA Luncheon Program: Please note the day and location change

November 8, 2017 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Arizona Country Club

Topic: Infrastructure in the Southwest: Heat and Flooding in a Climate Impacted Future


New Members

Mr. Daniel K. Cleavenger, MPA, PEAssistant DirectorCity of Phoenix
Mr. Joseph P. GiudiceAsst PW DirectorCity of Phoenix
Mr. Doug HurleyParks SupervisorTown of Gilbert
Mr. Martin S. HusseyFacilities SuperintendentCity of Goodyear
Ms. Gladys NkezeDept Director Mgmt SvcsCity of Phoenix
Ms. Kelly PeterichCivil Engineer IIICity of Phoenix
Mr. Carlos D. Rodriguez City of Kingman
Ms. Debra RussellContracts SpecialistCity of Phoenix
Mr. Jordan D. Selk J2 Engineering and Environmental Design
Mr. Adam W. ShochatSupervisor/EngineeringSouthwest Gas Corporation
Ms. Christine SmithFleet & Facilities MgrCity of Goodyear
Mr. Zach S. StevensonSupervisor/EngineeringSouthwest Gas Corporation
Mr. Steve WilcoxEngineering Div ManagerMaricopa County

Young Professionals Lunch and Learn

On Thursday October 26th, the Phoenix Branch Young Professional Committee put on a Lunch and Learn at the Town of Gilbert’s North Area Service Center. The topic of the Lunch and Learn was Experience in Public Works. Gilbert Public Works division managers shared stories of their time in public works, educated younger professionals on the importance of operators and other users of public facilities, and provided advice from their experiences in Public Works. Local catering by Joe’s BBQ for the event was provided by AWPA. Nineteen young professionals from around the valley and seven Town of Gilbert staff attended the event and enjoyed the opportunity to network with others in the public works field.  


Membership Challenge

Our goal is to increase our membership total to 1000 members by the end of the year, currently we are at 825. How can you help?  Refer or Recruit a new member and get your name in a drawing to win a $200 gift card.

2018 APWA Annual Sponsorship

For more information or to pay for your sponsorship click here, 

2018 Call for Award Submittals

Now that our Statewide Conference is over and things are settling down a bit, it’s time to start thinking about submitting your projects and/or professional individuals for consideration of the 2018 Annual APWA Awards.  Projects should be complete as of December 31, 2017 and the deadline for submissions is January 26, 2017.

The applications and forms to complete with instructions are now available on the APWA-Arizona Chapter website.  The awards that are available this year are:

Chapter Awards include:

  • 2018 Award of Merit – Recognizes an employee of a Federal, State, County, or Municipal Agency involved in public works at the operational level that performs in an exceptionally efficient and/or innovative manner.
  • 2018 Outstanding Public Works Employee Award – Recognizes an employee of a Federal, State, County or Municipal Agency involved in public works at the managerial level that performs in an exceptionally efficient and/or innovative manner.
  • 2018 Public Works Project of the Year Award
  • 2018 Public Works Project of the Year Award – Small Cities/Rural Communities
  • 2018 Sustainability Practices Award – Recognizes individuals or agencies that have made outstanding contributions to promote sustainability in public works.
  • Note: The Chapter submits all “Project of the Year” Award nominations to National for the National APWA Awards program.

Submittals require hard copies (verify the number required on each nomination form) and electronic copies (CD or thumb drive) hand-delivered to:

Jeanne Sapon, Awards Committee Co-Chair
DBA Construction, Inc.
1833 South 59th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85043

If you are mailing your submittal, do not use the street address.  Instead, send to:

Jeanne Sapon, Awards Committee Co-Chair
DBA Construction, Inc.
P.O. Box 63035
Phoenix, AZ  85082

The deadline this year for Chapter submittals is January 26, 2018.  Start thinking about your nominations and get those submittals in!  Good luck!

Upcoming Municipal Bond Elections | November 7, 2017

Shirley Barker, FCI Constructors

As members of the A/E/C industry, we can see firsthand the need for updated or new public facilities and infrastructure to meet our growing cities and towns.  However, not all constituents would agree.  If you live within the areas of the upcoming bonds, please get involved:  talk to your neighbors, hand out informational flyers from the cities/towns, and most importantly…vote.

All of the below are mail-in only bond elections.  Remember, Phoenix mail is now routed through Tucson for sorting before returning to Phoenix.  If you are planning to mail your ballot from a post office, please allow a couple of extra days for processing.

Looking For A Ballot Center?

Find one near you by clicking the link and selecting "where do I vote?" or use the direct link, below. https://recorder.maricopa.gov/votinglocator/November2017JurisdictionsHavingElectionsWeb.pdf

The Town is submitting a single bond question for voter consideration on 10 projects and $15M. The Resolution authorized the Town to ask voters for approval to issue Bonds which will mature over a period of time not to exceed 25 years; it is the Council's intention to issue the Bonds to be repaid over an approximate 22-year period in the total amount of $15,000,000.  The $15,000,000 Bond will address purposes for Town Center Redevelopment, Public Safety, Economic Development Infrastructure, Parks and Recreation, and Transportation.    

Town Center Redevelopment – 3 projects$4.4MIncluding Stout’s Hotel and Jailhouse rehabilitation and historic restoration, a community wide art project to include the Town’s water tower being refaced with a mural and surrounded by a sculptural art installation, and also the Memorial Park expansion (Veteran’s Park).
Public Safety – 1 project

$2MRepurpose and reconstruct the existing fire station into a joint public safety facility for both the fire and police.
Infrastructure – 3 projects

$2MExpansion of the Gila Bend Municipal Airport and the enhancement of the airport water infrastructure, infrastructure needs of the Booster Station, and technology updates to improve the Town’s water meter’s for better efficiency, accuracy, and at a lower cost.
Parks and Recreation – 2 projects

$3.4MNew multi-purpose aquatic center and Expansion of Bender’s Pond to 1.3 acres (addition of pond aeration, restrooms, docks, and significant shade and seating areas.
Transportation – 1 project$3MImprove, construct, reconstruct and rehabilitate Town roads (Where appropriate:  curb, gutter, sidewalks, underground utility lines, landscaping and other improvements.)

The City of Surprise is holding a bond election to decide on three separate questions than will fund public safety and improve roads in Surprise to reduce accidents.  When it comes to public safety, a few seconds can be the difference between life and death.  By investing in public safety in the right locations, improving our streets, and planning for the future, the City can keep response times low and ensure that their public safety can respond quickly in a fire, medical emergency or police situation.

For more information on the Surprise bond, visit:  SaferSurprise.com

Question 1:  Public Safety Projects ($34M)

Public Safety Evidence and Readiness Center$9MDesign and Construction of a police property and evidence facility, that will accommodate centralized storage of police and fire emergency equipment and supplies.
Police Training Facility

$1.9MThis project will repurpose the existing police property and evidence facility into a police training facility.
Land for future fire station, police station and park $3MAcquire 16 acres of land, while it is available.

Permanent Fire Station #304

$8.6MDesign and construction of a new permanent District fire station along 163rd Avenue, just south of Happy Valley Road.  This Fire Station will replace the temporary station currently nearby.
New Fire Station #308 $7.1MDesign and construction of a new Fire Station at the southeast corner of Litchfield Road and Cactus Road.  This area is currently supported by two other city fire stations and El Mirage Fire.
Public Works Operations Facility $4.4MDesign and construct a new approx. 44,000 SF facility to consolidate and centralize the City’s fleet operations.

Question 2:  Traffic Congestion Mitigation Projects ($15.5M)

Waddell Road

$7MDesign and construct the full build out of Waddell Road between State Route 303 and Reems Road.  Project will construct four additional travel lanes.
Greenway Road$5.1MDesign and construct the full build out of Greenway road from Cotton Lane east to Sarival Avenue.  Project will construct two additional travel lanes
Litchfield Road$3.4MDesign and construct the full built out of Litchfield Road between Waddell Road and Peoria Avenue.  Project will construct two additional lanes.

Question 3:  Pavement Preservation Projects ($10M)
Many of Surprise’s major streets are at the point in their life cycle when pavement preservation is recommended and appropriate.  This project would return the condition of many of the city’s major street to “Excellent condition” within a five year period, thus increasing safety by improving ride quality and visibility of pavement markings and by reducing stopping distance, road noise, and associated wear and tear on vehicles.

Buckeye Valley Rural Fire District

For the future…“Imagine Mesa” 
Imagine Mesa's future. No matter the idea, someone, somewhere can be the spark. From amazing new parks and safe neighborhoods to growing our local economy and promoting "green" initiatives, City leaders are looking for your bright ideas to Imagine Mesa in innovative and exciting ways. 

Sign in or sign up to get started.

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I-15 Virgin River Bridge No. 6 CMAR

Information from Award Submittal

The I-15 Virgin River Bridge No. 6 took home the 2017 APWA Project of the Year Award in the Transportation Category - $25 Million to $75 Million. Below is a summary of the project taken from the 2017 APWA awards submittal document.

1-15 is one of the primary north-south truck/commerce routes in the Western US. Located in the northwest corner of Arizona, Bridge No. 6 on I-15 was a 50-year old structure classified as structurally deficient with scour susceptible foundations, cracked steel girders showing signs of wear and fatigue, virtually no shoulders, and located between two large canyon cuts. In a TIGER Grant application to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) mapped out a concept, and obtained funding to replace the superstructure. 

Pulice Construction, Inc. (Pulice) and Wadsworth Brothers Construction formed a joint venture (PWJV) for the project, with Pulice serving as the managing JV Partner. ADOT was the owner on the project with Jacobs Engineering as the lead designer. The project was completed under the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) method, which brings the contractor into the design phase of the project early to evaluate design concepts and provide input. This approach often results in keeping costs down and reducing the construction schedule. The project was completed for $27.2M (on-budget) within the allotted 24 month timeframe. 

This project involved a number of challenges including constructing the bridge within steep canyon walls; obtaining environmental clearance and protecting the river and endangered species in the project area; containing construction debris, dust, and spills; traffic control in this heavy traffic CANAMEX corridor; coordinating and partnering with FHWA, ADOT, Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a number of other federal and local agencies; and completing the project according to the budget and schedule, as required by the TIGER Grant criteria. 

Innovative solutions were implemented on the project, such as designing and installing a temporary bridge over the river for use during construction, and building a temporary access road incorporating pre-cast concrete retaining panels adjacent to the edge of the river to prevent embankment material from entering the river. These solutions facilitated construction while protecting the river, multiple endangered species in the area, and the surrounding natural resources of the Virgin River Gorge. 

Heavy traffic through this CANAMEX corridor was maintained during construction with the development of a regional Traffic Management Plan (TMP) that included input from all of the agency/safety/emergency stakeholders in the area. The plan outlined scheduled traffic impacts and limited the longest delays during the project to 15-minute closures to shift traffic during the most intensive construction periods. At the closeout meeting, the TMP was identified by many stakeholders as a “Best Management Practice” (BMP) due to the effective communication utilized to share traffic control details with the agencies and community, therefore preventing surprises.

The team utilized a robust partnering process throughout this project to address challenges. Building strong ties and trust with stakeholders, the project team, and the community allowed for successful coordination and problem solving on an on-going basis. This collaborative process allowed PWJV to complete the project on-time and budget, therefore exceeding the project goals.  


Turkey Drive

The City of Mesa’s 9th annual “Great Turkey Tuesday” Turkey Drive is fast approaching.  The City of Mesa partners with the United Food Bank to help those in need during the holiday season with a nice turkey dinner. As a part of our efforts, we are reaching out to our partners to assist us in this event. Our goal is to collect 900 turkeys on November 21, 2017. If you wish to donate a turkey or turkeys, please bring them to the Mesa Convention Center(263 N. Center Street) where we will have members of our team greet you and receive your turkeys and/or cash donations. We have many fine grocery stores that will soon be running incredible specials on turkeys. A nice sized turkey is an inexpensive way to give to those who need it the most. 

We hope to see you at the event and to allow us to reach our goal of helping 900 families!

November 21, 

Mesa City Plaza Building
20 E. Main Street
Mesa AZ 85201

For additional information please contact Suzanne Ledy at (480) 644-3808 or Suzanne.Ledy@Mesaaz.gov

2017 Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award

The Arizona Department of Transportation is accepting applications for the Arizona Transportation Partnering Excellence Award. Applications are due November 20, 2017 and can be viewed at http://arizona.apwa.net/Content/Chapters/arizona.apwa.net/File/Documents%2F2017%20Application

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