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11:30am Registration
11:50am Lunch and Announcements

12:00pm - Arizona’s Top Capital Programs

Presented by Rebekah Morris, President & Founder of BEX

Public agency’s Capital Improvement Programs (CIP’s) can be both an incredibly useful tool to look ahead at upcoming capital projects, and a drudgery to read through over and over again in detail. BEX does the hard work every year of picking through dozens of agency’s CIP document, analyzing historical data and trends, finding new capital projects, and identifying who are the top players in the municipal market.

Three things you will learn from the Top CIP Presentation:

  1. Who the Top 10 Public Agencies are
  2. What New Projects are Being Added
  3. How are Agencies Funding their CIP

Rebekah Morris, President and Founder at BEX

Rebekah started the twice-weekly AZBEX publication in February 2010, and has since grown the service into a multi-faceted resource for local Commercial Real Estate & A/E/C firms to find leads on upcoming projects, industry news, trends, and market insights. 

In 2015, AZBEX started producing events and now features four annual half-day conferences and six breakfast panels known as the Leading Market Series.

In 2016, the AZBEX Database or DATABEX was launched. Both the events and database are engineered to bring opportunities to clients – whether it’s the contacts made at a half-day conference or bi-monthly breakfast program or the early stage notice of a project in the database, every service of AZBEX is focused on bringing opportunity to clients.

Rebekah’s background as a large General Contractor enabled her to spot the opportunity to start BEX, but it is her grit, determination and eternal curiosity for the industry that has kept it going and growing each year.

In her spare time (what spare time?!?), Rebekah enjoys reading, cooking, hiking and playing with her three kids. It is her dream to travel more. Realistically, that’ll happen when the youngest turns 18.


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